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Why is the NSW Liberal Party racing to liberalise abortion?

It all starts to make sense now why the New South Wales government censored the bus ad’s stating the scientific fact that a heart beats at 4 weeks. They’ve been secretly maneuvering to rapidly introduce laws imitating those in Victoria and Queensland to liberalise abortion. The remarkable difference is there will be no referral to a Law Reform Commission, no community consultation, and no opportunity for critique. The laws are to be rushed through on Thursday with the full cooperation of the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Far-left MP Alex Greenwich who was a leader in the campaign to undefine marriage will this week introduce a bill deceitfully called the “Reproductive Health Reform Bill 2019” with the backing of the Liberal Health Minister Brad Hazzard. Killing living humans is not a reproductive act. It’s patently destructive. 96% of scientists agree every human life begins at fertilisation.

The bill was prepared consulting only with ideological groups which advocate for the legal right for mothers to kill their preborn children, the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance.

Only willful ignorance can defend the tyranny of legalising killing people. Make no mistake, the barbarism of slavery was legal and socially acceptable, and abortion is many times worse as it is intentionally fatal to a living human. Treating another living human as privately owned, disposable property is a horrendous violation of fundamental human rights. Subsequently, lies must be told and truth must be excluded in any agenda to liberalise abortion, so euphemisms and newspeak abound:

  • “Reproductive rights” = the legal permission to kill an innocent living human many weeks after fertilisation.
  • “Clump of cells” = the argument that when someone is small they are less than a new living human, even though they have unique DNA, unique brain waves and a unique heart beat. You’re a clump of cells too.
  • “Archaic laws” = old laws must be bad laws, like laws against murder and stealing.
  • “Zygote, fetus” etc = a stage of biological development, like infant, adolescent, geriatric.
  • “Mental health” = including unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, effectively any reason and on-demand, fully elective abortion.
  • “Pro-choice” = pro-abortion choice. No other funding or support is funded for other pregnancy options, and any negative facts about abortion or objective information such as an ultrasound is proactively censored, such as Andrew Constance deeming science on a bus “appalling”.

If you can take Thursday morning off work and meet outside the NSW Parliament at 9:30am, please do. This is literally a matter of life and death. Urgent action must be taken by younow. A petition is great (there’s one here to sign and share), but NSW voters must call their local MP’s office today and let them know that if they support this legislation you will not forget at election time and will vote for anyone else. Our generation must make pro-abortion politicians as rare as pro-slavery politicians.

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