Australia Racism State

“White people, watch out!” Sydney Theatre Company presents Aboriginal superhero on a mission to kill whites

The Sydney Theatre Company presents, Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owners of Death, a wild, twisted, hilarious origin story featuring a new aboriginal superhero.

According to the website, the story of Blackie Blackie Brown begins when a “mild-mannered archaeologist Dr Jacqueline Black uncovers a mass grave. She picks up a skull and is over-powered by the spirit of her great-great-grandmother… BAM! Blackie Blackie Brown has arrived and she is a cold-blooded vigilante.”

And like all good superheroes, Blackie Blackie Brown has a mission. “Her mission: kill all the descendants of the men who massacred her ancestors. White people, watch out. This isn’t about forgiveness. And it’s not about reconciliation,” the website says.

Your white meat is DONE, motherf***er.

You can imagine, if this were a white superhero on a mission to kill blacks, the Sydney Theatre Company would soon be reduced to nothing but a pile of ash.

Racism lives on.

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