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WATCH: Woman violently pushes priest off stage, popular LGBT+ magazine laughs at the attack

A woman in Brazil has violently pushed a priest off a stage after she broke through security during last Sunday’s service.

Marcelo Rossi was delivering a message in Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo, when the unidentified woman rushed the stage and shoved the priest in the back, causing him to topple over the edge.

It’s unclear what triggered the woman, however, a number of news websites have suggested she attacked the priest because of comments he’d made about fat people and homosexuals. Other reports say the priest made no such comments, claiming rather that the woman suffers from a mental disorder.

Rossi was not seriously injured in the attack and eventually returned to the stage to finish his sermon. The woman was soon after arrested by police.

On Twitter, popular LGBT+ magazine PinkNews encouraged their followers to laugh at the violent attack on the “anti-gay priest” saying, “Can we laugh?😂


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