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WATCH: Police say no resources were specifically provided to Lauren Southern, but we’ve still charged her $60,000

During a press conference Victorian Police said, “There was no police resources specifically provided to Lauren Southern, there was resources allocated to the event and to the protest activity… So we have provided her with an invoice on the basis of ‘user pays’ principles.

“So we have provided her an invoice, well not to her, sorry. We have provided an invoice to the event organisers last night for the services of the policing activity… I believe it’s around $60,000.”

The absurdity of the situation is summed up well by Mark Powell over at The Spectator:

“Make no mistake, this is a dangerous moment in the wider Australian political debate, since anyone who dares to challenge the progressive ideology of identity politics will be faced with, in effect, financial censure.

“But of even more concern is the fact that the actions of the police cannot be separated from the actions of the state. And what until recently would have been considered by the majority of people to be a valid alternative point of view is more and more being defined as ‘hate speech’…

“Ultimately, by billing the innocent, the Victorian Police have given the guilty a license to behave in any way they please. Indeed, they have only added fuel to the political fire. And its freedom of speech that will be the first casualty to be lost in the flames.”


What happened to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux in Melbourne over the weekend is a potent example of how free speech is destroyed. And that is, you simply make it too expensive and price it out?

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