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WATCH: Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar says, ‘Obama is human, Trump is not,’ just months after accusing Trump of using racist, dehumanizing language

Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar has said you can’t equate Obama and Trump because Trump is not a human. The comments come just months after she slammed the President for his alleged use of racist and dehumanizing language.

In the following clip, Guerin Hays of Fox News asked Omar: “Do you think President Obama is the same as President Trump?”

Omar replied: “Absolutely not. That is silly to even think and equate the two. One is human, the other is not.”

What do you think would happen if Trump suggested Omar was not human? Earlier this year Omar falsely claimed the President’s “dehumanizing rhetoric and actions towards communities of color” inspired Covington Catholic High School students to “harass” a Native American man. So, is dehumanizing language an issue or not?

If these remarks were reversed, you’d hear nothing from the Left but accusations of racism. Not that the Left have any genuine concern with racism when it’s not advancing their cause.


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