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New push to normalize polyamory and promote inclusivity for people who want multiple sexual partners

The American Psychological Association (APA) is forming a task force to “promote awareness and inclusivity” of people who engage in sexual relationships with multiple partners, such as people who practice polyamory and swinging.

According to the website for Division 44 of the APA, the task force is designed to address the needs of those who wish to practice polyamory “including their intersecting marginalized identities” without the social and medical stigmatization.

“These include but are not limited to: people who practice polyamory, open relationships, swinging, relationship anarchy and other types of ethical, non-monogamous relationships,” the website states.

The task force’s stated goal is to generate research, create resources and advocate for the inclusion of polyamorous people in areas such as education and training, and public interest.

A ‘Religion and Spirituality Task Force’ has also been formed in order to “create affirmation and acceptance for LGBT individuals of faith within theologically diverse ideological traditions.” This objective is to be achieved by breaking down the “theological barriers often separating sexual minorities from the sources of their beliefs.”

Every day it’s becoming more and more evident that our society has lost all moral restraint. The idea of a sexual ethic has all but vanished. Where chastity and fidelity were once a mark of virtue, our culture now praises and celebrates anyone “brave” enough to push the envelope and break the few sexual taboos that remain.

The Western world has blatantly rejected its Christian foundation, and consequently, we find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper into the morally bankrupt pit of relativism. We’ve dismissed the Bible and with it, the biblical definition of sexual morality. As a result, we no longer have any meaningful basis for distinguishing between what ought to be considered moral and immoral.

Unless we return to our Christian heritage, the only thing we’re “progressing” towards is our own demise and downfall. As Peter Kreeft once said, moral relativism is the single most important issue of our age, because no culture in history has ever embraced it and survived.

“Our society will do one of three things: either disprove one of the most universally established laws of all history; or repent of its relativism and survive; or persist in its relativism and perish.”

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