Freedom State

Ben Shapiro warns leftists will invade your home: ‘This is coming and it’s coming fast’

In the short clip below, Ben Shapiro warns about leftist policies invading our schools, our places of work, our places of worship, and even our homes. “This is coming and it’s coming fast.”

The great lie, of course, is that it will stop at the schools. ‘We won’t go any further than that… We won’t bother you in your places of work. What do you think we are? Fascists?’

And then they go into your places of work and they say, ‘Don’t worry, your churches will be fine. We’ll stop right at the walls… And then of course, they’ll invade the church.

And then you’ll take your kids and you’ll say, ‘Fine I’ll just keep them at home. I’ll homeschool my kids. I’ll religiously educate my kids at home.’ And they’ll say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s your home. We would never come into your home.’

They’re coming into your home. That is the next step. It’s already happening in Canada…

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