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WATCH: Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Appease Protesters, Backfires Big Time

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) attended a protest on Saturday following the death of George Floyd, but things took an unexpected turn when the mayor was asked if he would commit to defunding the police department.

Frey told the crowd that he believes the department must undergo “structural reforms” and that “systemic, racist system needs to be revamped.”

The speaker responded: “We don’t want any more police, is that clear? We don’t want people with guns in our communities, shooting us down. Do you have an answer? It is a yes or no?”

Frey responded by saying he doesn’t support abolishing the police department before he was quickly told to “Get the f*** outta here.”

The mayor was then forced to take a long walk of shame from the protest as the crowds hurled insults and chanted “go home Jacob, go home.”

It makes for uncomfortable viewing, but it goes to show it doesn’t matter how Left you go, you’ll never go Left enough.


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