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Senator Pauline Hanson Urges Australian Government to Reject ‘The Great Reset’, Boycott World Economic Forum

Senator Pauline Hanson is urging the Australian Government to reject “The Great Reset” warning of devastating consequences if the nation adopts the World Economic Forum’s global plans.

According to the One Nation leader, the World Economic Forum is urging a “revamp of all aspects of our society and economies” in response to the COVID-19 recession in areas of education, social contracts and working conditions.

“To use the pandemic as an excuse to overturn lives, push control agendas, and meddle in social systems in countries across the world is totally unacceptable,” Senator Hanson said in a statement.

“This so-called reset is absolute rubbish and we should make a stand to play no part in it, to protect Australians and our way of life.”

A Motion put forward in the Senate by Senator Hanson will ask the Parliament to acknowledge that the adoption of such policies for a “Great Reset” would have a “devastating impact on the economic wellbeing and individual freedoms of Australians.”

Senator Hanson has also called on the Government to boycott all World Economic Forum events in protest of their Great Reset agenda.

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