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WATCH: Leftist warring on free speech becomes a Christian, admits she was completely wrong.

Artist Bindi Cole Chocka, one of the individuals who took Andrew Bolt to Federal Court under the racial discrimination act has admitted she was completely wrong.

The realisation came when Bindi became a Christian and found her Leftist, identity politics, victim-complex was incompatible with her new faith.

In an interview on The Bolt Report, Bindi said: “It’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to realise what I’ve done. Which was, set a precedent with a law that’s limiting free speech and giving an over-reach to government. And I regret that now. I regret that part of it.”

Speaking of her conversion to Christianity, and conservative thought, Bindi said: “Over the course of about twelve months I read between 1,500 to 2,000 articles on conservative ideas.

“I watched hundreds upon hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, and the more that I read and the more that I watched, I realised, I had been on the wrong side. Completely on the wrong side.”

You can watch Bindi’s story in the video below:

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