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Billboard Offering Help to Pregnant Mothers Removed After Pro-Aborts Issued Threats Over the “Offensive Message”

The CHOICE42 notice read: “Pregnant? Need Help? You are not alone.”

A pro-life billboard offering help to pregnant women has been removed after pro-abortion advocates issued threats to the advertisement company and landowner.

The CHOICE42 notice, which read, “Pregnant? Need Help? You are not alone,” was erected in Peterborough, Ontario last week under a two-year contract.

The ad company, however, quickly terminated the agreement after receiving backlash and threats from pro-aborts who found the message of hope offensive.

Laura Klassen, founder and director of CHOICE42 penned an open letter to the advertisement company owner, who himself is pro-life, asking him to reconsider the move, saying her organization’s billboards have already proved effective in helping to save babies’ lives and assist mothers in need.

“Women have reached out to us after seeing our message and we were able to help them with baby items, rent, groceries and emotional support,” Klassen said. “We are an organization that actually helps women.”

Klassen went on to express her sadness and frustration that pro-choice Canadians stand firmer for their pro-abortion message than many pro-lifers are willing to stand for life.

“We are letting the other side bully us into silence and babies are the ones who are paying the price,” she added.

Klassen went on to say: “I’m not sure if you’re a Christian or not, but either way, I’m asking you to view this situation from God’s eyes. You have a chance to take a stand for something that really matters. This billboard can actually help to save lives.”

Noted also was a new video released by CHOICE42 last weekend, which sums up the organization’s message and is the first thing a mother will see visiting the website listed on the billboard.