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WATCH: Disney Features 13-Year-Old Homosexual Couple

The Disney Channel has “made history” after featuring their first homosexual teenage couple in the final instalment of Andi Mack.

The episode saw 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman confess his feelings for his classmate TJ Kippen, before the pair held hands as the camera panned away.

Also included in the episode was a scene that featured a singalong to Lady Gaga’s LGBTQ anthem “Born This Way.”

Joshua Rush, who plays Cyrus, tweeted: “guys, gals, and nb pals, i can now tell you: tyrus endgame canon and confirmed.”

Luke Mullen, who portrays TJ tweeted: “Honored to be apart of such a groundbreaking show. I hope my character can inspire people to proud of who they are and love who they love. #AndiMack #tryusisendgame”

As we’ve said before, these writers have an agenda. And they’re entirely open about this fact. They want our kids to think as they do, to define morality as they define morality, and to essentially disregard what the Bible says about relationships.

The days of innocent children’s programs are over and parents, now more than ever, need to be well aware of what messages our influencing our kids.


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