Coal, the Creator’s Providential Provision

“The climate cult claims are based on a false religious belief system.”

A coal seam is clearly seen here where coal mining is actively going on. Source:

Coal was providentially provided to mankind by the Creator of the universe. The climate cultist God-deniers hate the Creator for providing almost an unquantifiable amount of fossil fuel coal, which they claim if burned would catastrophically warm the planet and boil the oceans.

The latter claim is scientific nonsense. Below I’ll show you why.

The climate cult claims are based on a false religious belief system. That belief system includes the idea that the planet Earth is nearly 5 billion years old since it allegedly formed from a nebula cloud of molecular hydrogen gas by natural processes. That belief alone is scientifically impossible.

After the Earth cooled, it is further alleged that life arose by an unknown unguided process, and evolved by Darwinian evolution, and for the last billion years, plants grew and died. Some were slowly covered in sediments and were eventually fossilised becoming coal some tens of millions of years ago. This also is pure fictional storytelling. Massively thick coal seams, like those shown above, refute this fairy tale.

The standard uniformitarian origin-of-coal story has no foundation in science. Fossilization can only occur under rapid catastrophic processes. Dead plants rot when exposed to oxygen, which comprises about 20% of the atmosphere. Fossilisation does not occur gradually with slow sedimentation. All present observations tell us that this is true. No fossilization of plants or animals occurs today by gradual processes, but only by catastrophic burial.

Rapid burial means oxidation is significantly reduced. The carbon atoms bound in organic molecules in the buried vegetation is reduced to pure carbon in the oxygen-deprived environment under high temperature and pressure.

Fossilization and the Deluge

The biblical record describes the conditions necessary for such massive fossilisation across the whole planet. About 4500 years ago the Earth was inundated with a catastrophic totally-global flood, such as has never been experienced before or since. That flood buried all the vegetation of the planet under kilometres of water-born sediments.

Many ancient texts report on this great flood event, though the details often have been lost over time. The best available record is recorded in the first book of the Bible. The Genesis record tells us that the flood waters rose to a height covering the highest mountains. Read the account in Genesis chapters 7 and 8.

The critics say there could never have been a planet-covering flood because there is not enough water. But our planet is the wettest of all the solar system planets — 70% covered with water and to a depth of nearly 11km (7 miles) at the deepest point. And that doesn’t include the water in the mantle and crustal rocks, many times the surface water.

If water covered the whole planet where did it come from? The scripture says: “… all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.” (Genesis 7:11 KJV)

It came from above and below. Read He Lays Up the Depth in Storehouses. The Lord provided the necessary conditions from the creation. The water was created inside, on and around the planet. See The ‘Waters Above’.

Consider for a moment if the mountains and ocean basins were all smoothed out so the surface of the Earth was smooth without any variations, without mountains or valleys, all the current water on the planet would stand 2.7 km (1.7 miles) above the surface. We’d all be underwater. So … there is plenty of water for a global flood.

Ok, after the flood subsided, where did all the water go? We find the answer in the Psalms. Referring to the planet the psalmist writes:

“You [the Creator] covered it with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains. 7 At your rebuke they fled; at the sound of your thunder, they took to flight. 8 The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them. 9 You set a boundary that they may not pass so that they might not again cover the earth.” (Psalm 104:6-9 ESV)

As the tectonic plates rapidly moved during the global deluge, pushing up the mountain ranges, the deep ocean basins formed and the flood waters ran off the continental surfaces into the rapidly forming deep oceans. The process brings the Earth’s surface into hydrostatic equilibrium when the forces on the crust all come into balance. The boundary that was set is the continental boundary around all the continents.

It was during this process that all the pre-existing vegetation of the Earth was buried under billions of tons of sediments. That resulted in rapid fossilisation when oxygen was catastrophically excluded. Thus the ideal mechanism for coal formation.

Many others have written on this process but my focus here is on how a flawed worldview leads to false conclusions, in particular, to the climate cult beliefs of global warming or “global weirding.”

Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist, said “But what I do call it is global weirding because wherever people live they recognize that something is weird…” Not a very scientific statement, but that is the so-called science today.

Hypothetically if you reversed the process of the burial of all the planet’s vegetation it would all be living on the surface at the same time. That is, it was not some fraction of a million years worth of vegetation that was slowly buried, but all of the planet’s living vegetation was buried at the same time.

The flood buried all that carbon so if we burned it all it could only increase the total amount of carbon on the surface and in the atmosphere to a level it was in the pre-flood world. It could never be any more.

The environment in the pre-flood world was far better than in this post-flood world. We know this from the massive sizes of pre-flood animals preserved in the fossil record. Therefore it is ludicrous to believe that by returning all the buried carbon back to the surface and the atmosphere it could cause the boiling of the oceans. But it will cause greening like not seen since the flood.

As we know Satanic agents always work to destroy what God created. By sucking out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with Carbon Capture Sequestration the quality of the atmospheric gases suitable for plants will be reduced. Thus the planet will not be able to support as much animal life and mass die-offs will eventually occur. This is engineered depopulation by the oligarchs.

Carbon Dating and the Age of Coal

Now to deal with the objection to this analysis saying the age of coal is not 4500 years but more like 20 to 40 million years.

Coal itself is not traditionally dated with radiometric dating methods because it is sedimentary (i.e. laid down by water). The sedimentary layers are ‘dated’ by the fossils found in them and the assumed evolutionary story. However, the fossils are ‘dated’ by the assumed age of the sedimentary layers. Totally circular reasoning.

Coal is comprised of nearly pure carbon so why not date it with carbon dating? To answer that I am going to tell you the dirty little secret of the dating community (pun intended).

Carbon dating requires the measurement of the Carbon-14 to Carbon-12 ratio. Carbon-14 is the radioactive form of carbon formed from cosmic rays impacting Nitrogen-14 in the upper atmosphere. But because the half-life of Carbon-14 is about 5730 years, no ancient earth evolution believing scientist would look for Carbon-14 in the coal beds which are assumed to be at least 10 million years old. All the Carbon-14 should have long ago disappeared after 10 or 100 half-lives.

The fact is that there are no carbon-bearing minerals on Earth, from organic or inorganic origin, that do not contain Carbon-14. They all do, including coal and even diamonds.

When coal was subjected to Carbon-14 dating using several independent labs the measured Carbon-14/Carbon-12 ratio found in the samples returned ages of about 45,000 years in all cases. The date assigned is subject to a few assumptions about the initial conditions and the rate of accumulation of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere. These cannot be known and must be assumed, which depends on the investigator’s worldview.

But, for arguments sake, if we grant the ‘evolutionary worldview’ to be correct, which I don’t, it tells us that all coal on Earth is no more than 45,000 years old. The very existence of Carbon-14 in the coal tells us that the millions of years, long age story is false.

If we assume the Biblical history of Earth to be correct, which I do, the dates calculated from the measured carbon ratios collapse down to about 4,500 years for coal. The very significant event of the great deluge meant the burial of most of the carbon on the planet. That assumption alone greatly affects the initial Carbon-14/Carbon-12 ratio. Another parameter is the accumulation rate of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere, which is measured to be still accumulating.

Ice Core Ages and Global Temperature

Even long-age-believing geologists are awake to the climate cultists’ scam. Oxygen-isotope ratios from Greenland ice cores are used as a proxy for global temperature. They produce temperature charts like the one below.

The Oxygen-isotope ratios in the ice cores do not actually give you a temperature. That is why they are a proxy and must be calibrated somehow to a known measured temperature reference.

Then there is the issue of dating the layers in the ice cores. More assumptions are made on their uniformity across the whole core sample, and certain dust concentrations are looked for to anchor a certain past date of a known event. There is some educated guesswork. However, it is sufficient to say here that the investigator’s worldview is again central to this process.

Nevertheless, even assuming some element of truth on the shorter time scales, less than 4000 years, we see that the past temperature trends have meant far more warming than at the present time. Note: Even if the time-line dates are expanded or compressed compared to real past dates the temperature trend from the isotope ratio proxy measurements gives an overall decrease in temperature.

Currently, global temperatures are at least 2 degrees lower than in the Bronze Age. Thus we could burn all the coal we like and not exceed that temperature. That is, if burning coal and sending carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes any significant increase in global temperature, which for other reasons I have shown it does not. It is basic physics.

Do you see then? Coal was provided by the Creator for our provision on Earth. By burning it we get cheap electricity, which means a better quality of life, and the poor are lifted out of poverty. Now the climate cultists want to reverse all that and send us back to the Dark Ages.

Coal is a blessing and not a curse, as are other hydrocarbons including petroleum and natural gas. Do not be conned by Satanic climate cultists into believing that carbon is dangerous causing the oceans to boil or global weirding, when it is the element upon which all life is based.

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