WATCH: Christian Woman Stabbed At Speakers’ Corner In What Police Called “A Minor Slash Injury”

The Met Police described the stabbing as a “very distressing incident” for the victim.

A Christian woman at Speakers’ Corner has been stabbed in broad daylight during a shocking attack that was captured on video.

Apologist Hatun Tash, who fled to the UK from Turkey after she converted from Islam to Christianity, was in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday speaking with a large group of people when a man in dark clothing lunged at her before punching and stabbing her with a knife.

The 39-year-old regularly visits Speakers’ Corner, which is London’s traditional site for public speeches, to engage in debates about Christianity and Islam.

According to reports, a Muslim man who was present, objected to Tash’s preaching, “as well as, apparently, her Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.”

Video uploaded to YouTube captured the moment of the vicious attack, in which Tash was said to have suffered stab wounds to the face and hands before the attacker was seen to have fled the scene.

Westminster Police said, officers later arrived at the scene of the attack, which they described as “a minor slash injury.”

The Met Police described the stabbing as a “very distressing incident” for the victim.

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