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Victorian Government-Funded Youth Body Tells Teens To Go on “Vax Dates” And Get Vaccinated Without Their Parents’ Permission

"You don't actually need to get their permission. Wanna go do it now, go on a vax date?"

A Victorian government-funded youth body has created a video encouraging teenagers to go on “Vax dates” to get vaccinated without their parents’ permission.

The video, titled “Cute date ideas,” was published by the Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic) on their Instagram and TikTok channel last week.

The 1-minute clip shows two females, one 46-years-old and the other 14-years-old, attempting to purchase tickets to see a movie when they’re asked for their vaccine passports.

Vaccination certificate shows a woman born in 1975 on a date with a 14-year-old teen.

The younger of the two then explains that her parents have not let her get vaccinated yet.

“I mean, you’re over 14,” the 46-year-old replies. “You don’t actually need to get their permission. Wanna go do it now, go on a vax date?”

The two Google for the nearest clinic, where the teen is vaccinated and told to sit for 15 minutes in a waiting room to see if she suffers any “issues” following the injection.

The video ends with, “Live, Love, Jab for more cute dates in your life.”

The video caption also advises teens that they can hide their vaccination status from their parents by getting their own Medicare card.

“Pro tip: did you know that if you’re over 14, you don’t need parental consent to get vaccinated at a state-run clinic, GP or pharmacy?” the caption reads. “You can also have your own Medicare card for extra privacy’s sake.”