UK Far-Left Labour MP Suspended Over Remarks Inspired by ‘Only White People Are Racists’

“Some sanity has entered the hallowed halls of Westminster.”

Some sanity has entered the hallowed halls of Westminster.

Already knee-deep in a quagmire of their own making, the British Labour Party have suspended Cultural Marxist Diane Abbott, an MP celebrated for being the first woman of African ancestry to sit in parliament.

Still reeling from a major election loss under hard-left Socialist, Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour distanced itself from Abbott after the MP went full CRT, declaring white people don’t experience racism.

The racist comments were made in a brief letter to The Observer, published in April by The Guardian.

Foot-in-mouth, Abbott pushed her foot in even further.

‘[White people] undoubtedly experience prejudice. This is similar to racism, and the two words are often used’ as if they were the same thing.

‘White people can [only] experience prejudice,’ she asserted.

Leaning on the circular reasoning, and strawmen preached by the over-rated Ibram X. Kendi, and White Woke Apologist Robin DiAngelo, Abbott argued that white people cannot experience racism, because white people benefit from their whiteness.

An apparent disciple of Critical Race Theory, Abbott wrote, ‘It is true, that many types of white people with points of difference, such as redheads, can experience this prejudice. But they are not all their lives subject to racism.’

To this, she added, ‘In pre-civil rights America, Irish people, Jewish people, and Travellers (Gypsies) were not required to sit at the back of the bus. In apartheid, South Africa, these groups were allowed to vote.’

Failing to note the Islamic slave trade, and the Transportation of convicts to Britain’s Penal settlements in Australia, the former Labour MP proclaimed, ‘And at the height of slavery, there were no white-seeming people manacled on the slave ships.’

Whatever ‘white-seeming’ people mean, Abbott also failed to include Amazing Grace author, John Newton’s slavery, or give make more visual the plight of people with red hair, who are a minority group in their own right.

Diane Abbott’s vapid response was triggered by Freelance Writer, Tomiwa Owolade.

He committed high treason, showing that the sin of racism doesn’t just affect those with a darker shade of melanin.

Citing a cooperative University study released in the book, Racism and Ethnic Inequality in a Time of Crisis, Owolade argued,  ‘Racism is a black-and-white issue. But when it comes to how it manifests itself, it is multidimensional.’

The study negated popular myths taught by Critical Race Theory, revealing that ‘40% of white Irish people reported experiencing some form of racist assault in their lives.’

This means, ‘white Irish people are more likely to say they have experienced prejudice in Britain than black African people, and all Asian ethnic groups.’

In a further factual smackdown of falsehoods, Owolade said, ‘60% of Gypsies, and 55% of Jewish people report the same.’

Source: The Guardian

Reasons for Diane Abbott’s Labour Party suspension are in the eyes of the beholder.

Despite the blatant “hate whitey,” racist CRT exclusivism, it was more Abbott’s apparent ‘downplaying of the experiences of Jewish people,’ which allegedly prompted her ousting.

The BBC said by removing Abbott, British Labour is trying to pull itself out of the anti-Israel, Pro-Palestine, “antisemitic” Corbyn era.

The former Labour leader was himself suspended after he ‘made comments suggesting the charge of antisemitism had been overstated.’

Even ardent Socialists have put Abbott at arm’s length.

‘There is nothing remotely defensible in Abbott’s reactionary and deeply ignorant ruminations, which are rooted in the rotten politics of black nationalism,’ wrote the World Socialist Web.

‘The Socialist Equality Party has nothing in common with Abbott’s views,’ they said.

WSW also came to Diane Abbott’s defence, inferring the antisemitism charge was false.

WSB put Abbott’s removal down to Right-Wing Zionists pushing a right-wing agenda through the left-wing party.

In truth, the ex-shadow Home Secretary tripped over her blind embrace of Intersectionality – a system of belief that categorises people as either oppressed or an oppressor.

On the basis of Cultural Marxist doctrines, skin colour, sexual preference, and sexuality determine a person’s worth, regardless of ethnicity, personal history, or political neutrality.

For adherents of the pompous, anti-white Woke religion, “All Western civilisation-loving ‘white people’ are irredeemable racists.” This includes many Jews.

Antisemitism is a fine line.

There’s the real abhorrent expression of hatred for Jews, and then there’s the strawman used to silence any constructive criticism of modern Israel.

By elevating the generalisations of Blacktivism, Diane Abbott’s reaction to Owolade fell into the former.

Hate Whitey” is racism.

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