U.S. Military Ends Contentious “Vax or the Axe” Mandates

“Let’s get real here [these mandates] are not something that is based on evidence or based on science it’s based on exercising power over other people.”

Pro-freedom Republicans have ended the Biden administration’s COVID “vaccine” mandates for active service personnel.

The order to rescind the vicious “vax or the axe” mandate was given by U.S. Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin in a memorandum to Pentagon leadership on January 10.

A stalwart defender of the “vaccine” – which was wrongly celebrated as the way to “end transmission and infection” of the suspected lab-borne Communist Chinese virus – Austin began his monologue with two paragraphs still talking up the questionable medical procedure.

The Secretary of Defence said he was proud of the DoD’s work in ‘providing life-saving assistance to the American people,’ giving special credit to how the ‘DoD helped to ensure the “vaccination” of many.’

He then gave props to the DoD for its multi-tasking abilities, simultaneously supporting ‘health care systems, agencies,’ and ‘demonstrating the ability to defend the nation,’ as well as supporting the American people ‘under the most trying of circumstances.’

Upselling the Woke White House’s original course of action, Austin dedicated the ‘Department to continuing in its promotion of the “vaccine,” boasting a 96% participation rate, and declaring the United States military to now be [allegedly] fully protected ‘against the COVID-19.’

Assuming the absence of its widespread adverse effects, Austin added, the COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ enhances operational readiness and protects the Force.’

Following this pre-scripted preamble, Austin signed off on the order to rescind 2021 “vax or the axe” orders, writing, “No individuals currently serving in the Armed Forces shall be separated solely on the basis of their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination if they sought an accommodation on religious, administrative, or medical grounds.”

The DoD order includes revoking reprimands, updating records, and ending investigations into (mostly Christian) service members who chose to abstain from the military’s COVID mad medical conscription.

With a robotic dissonance (which is too little too late for many, raises questions about the military’s treatment of those who uphold both biological facts and traditional marriage), Austin added to the official order his support for the ‘founding principle of religious liberty.’

‘Service members have the right to observe tenets of their religion or to observe no religion at all, as provided in applicable Federal law, and Departmental policy,’ wrote Austin.

For members of the U.S. defence force already discharged for refusing the “vaccination,” Austin reiterated that the rescinded “no jab, no job” orders will not result in their reinstatement. (p.2)

USNI reports, ‘2,089 active-duty sailors’ were purged (involuntarily separated) from active service during the mandates. With up to 8,000 across the DoD affected.

Republican Senators tried to get those removed because of the mandates reinstated, with back pay in December 2022, with the motion failing a ‘party-line vote.’

The DoD ending CCP-19 mandates can be largely attributed to leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who, throughout the pandemic refused to mandate untested medical procedures.

In July 2022, the Governor, slammed crippling COVID mandates, in a direct address to President Joe Biden, stating, “Joe got COVID, after how many boosters?  Yet he still insists on imposing vax mandates through the federal government. They’ve kicked people out of the military based on these COVID shots; So, you know these shots where you take all these boosters and still get infected; there’s no justification to impose those mandates.”

DeSantis added, “It’s just wrong to be marginalizing all these folks. Let’s get real here [these mandates] are not something that is based on evidence or based on science it’s based on exercising power over other people.”

The win for life, limb and liberty, comes about with no real thanks to COVID’s bulls-in-a-China-shop bureaucrats.

Democrats blocked the efforts of 16 Republicans to end Wuhan Sars-COV-2 virus vaccine mandates for the Department of defence mid-last year.

Regardless of the noticeably ineffective, and poor safety record of the “vaccines,” Pelosi-led Democrats denied a motion to stop military personnel from being dishonourably discharged if they refused the questionable “vaccines.”

The order to rescind existing mandates was part of a concession (reluctantly) agreed to by Democrats, in order for the Democrat-controlled White House to pass its fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act after debates late last year.

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