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Should The U.S. Adopt Australia’s Gun Laws? Here’s Why That Would Never Work

James Barrett at the Daily Wire writes:

There are over 300 million firearms in the U.S. To implement the ‘buyback’ program on the same scale in America would require the forced confiscation of 60 to 100 million guns from tens of millions of Americans.

So, would tens of millions of gun-owning Americans, many of whom specifically own those guns for self-defense — including, if not particularly, self-defense against a tyrannical state — voluntarily hand over those guns to a government they believed was violating their constitutionally enshrined rights?

Not a chance. What would inevitably have to happen is a militarized police force knocking on doors, searching houses, and forcefully taking those guns from tens of millions of ‘bitter clingers.’

In short, implementing Australia’s gun laws would result in massive civil upheaval, violence, arrests, even civil war.

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