Tucker Carlson Sits Down with “Proud Conspiracy Theorist” Neil Oliver

“If you didn’t know the history, you’d think obviously Japan won the war… and England lost it.”

Scottish broadcaster Neil Oliver has joined Tucker Carlson on the Tucker Carlson Show to discuss how banks have taken control of empires and to reveal hidden truths about World War II, Brexit, and COVID-19.


00:00 Neil Oliver
01:07 Conspiracy theorist
10:07 The Great Sorting (COVID)
18:29 What does Democracy really mean?
29:49 Being slandered by the Left is a badge of honor
42:48 The corruption of the media in the UK
45:50 Russell Brand
48:48 The Scottish hate speech law
1:01:54 Trump and Brexit
1:12:38 Are we heading towards revolution?
1:29:48 JFK’s death. Has the American Republic fallen?
1:35:02 The banks
1:35:00 COVID pandemic and the vaccines
1:48:05 The hero’s journey

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