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“Trump of the Tropics”, President of Brazil says: “Christian values help move society in the right direction”

President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, nicknamed “Trump of the tropics” has said society is thirsting for real truth.

Bolsonaro told CBN News, in 2015 he started travelling around the nation, like an itinerant evangelist or a minister of the gospel, bringing truth to people.

“That was very well received by all segments of society,” Bolsonaro said. “The peasants… even people who work and live in the forest, as well as in large urban centres. Everyone seems to be thirsty for the truth.”

The president also said he “believes in the Word of God,” and that “Christian values do help us move society in the right direction in the path of good.”

Bolsonaro went on to say that while Christians in Brazil count for one-third of the population, they have been largely ignored by politicians.

“Up until recently, Christians had no one to support. No one willing to behave or express the faith in line with theirs,” he said.

“The evangelical Christians were extremely important during my election.”


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