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Triggered: Woman shoves Avi Yemini, accuses him of assaulting her by asking a question

A woman has shoved Avi Yemini and accused him of assaulting her after he asked her a question during a free Hong Kong rally in Melbourne’s CBD.

Yemini was present to report on the Sunday rally, which was hosted by the local Tibetan community.

According to Yemini, towards the end of the event, a group of radical leftists set up a pro-refugee stand right in front of the rally.

Yemini approached two members of the group and asked them if they support the Tibetans, to which they promptly responded: “F–k off, you racist.”

“Leave us alone. You’re actually assaulting us,” one of the women said before grabbing the microphone and shoving Yemini back.

Yemini later said of the incident, “Ironically, she’s filmed claiming I am assaulting her by asking a question then proceeds to push me backward physically.”

“It’s important to note that when the activist says, ‘You’re getting in our personal space,’ I step backwards,” he added. “Either way, it’s common assault…”

WATCH (language warning):

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