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Heartbreaking testimony from a mother who aborted her child: ‘a woman’s right to choose is not freedom, it’s a prison’

Abortion providers often present themselves as champions of women’s rights. The word “care” is used frequently to describe the sort of services they provide. And anyone who challenges the pro-abortion movement is quickly dismissed as irrelevant and hypocritical for caring only about the lives of the unborn, not the mothers.

Of course, none of this is actually true. Every time a female baby is aborted, a woman’s rights are violated. Removing a babies’ right to life is nothing short of heartless murder, certainly not “care.” And what they often don’t warn you about is life after an abortion for the mother.

Studies within the first few weeks following an abortion have found that 40 to 60 percent of women surveyed felt negatively about their abortion. Within 8 weeks following an abortion, 55 percent expressed feelings of guilt, 44 percent complained of nervous disorders, 36 percent had experienced sleep disturbances, 31 percent had regrets about their decision, and 11 percent said they were prescribed psychotropic medication by their family doctor.

In one study, researchers found that up to 50 percent of the 500 women surveyed expressed negative feelings, while up to 10 percent were classified as having developed “serious psychiatric complications.” 1

The woman in the following video is just one of many women who believed the pro-choice lie. Her heartbreaking story can be heard below.

I’m mad at myself. I’m mad at the people that told me that the most important thing was an education. I’m trying to have a child now and I can’t…

I know it’s hard to raise a child on your own. I know it’s hard because the man is not there, or whatever. But I just know this whole thing about ‘choice,’ a woman’s right to ‘choose,’ is not freedom. In the end it’s not freedom. It’s a prison.


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