Transgender activist sues ‘transphobic’ female-only beauticians who refuse to touch his male genitals

A Canadian transgender activist has accused more than a dozen female-only beauticians of discrimination after they refused to wax his male genitals.

Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan Yaniv, has reportedly filed multiple complaints with the Human Rights Council (HRC) in British Columbia accusing the women of denying him service based on his gender identity, The Post Millennial reports.

“The people that discriminated against me are forcing their beliefs on society,” Yaniv claimed during the tribunal hearing, who also equated the denial of service to neo-Nazism.

Two of the women who refused to touch Yaniv’s genitals have already been forced out of business after they were dragged before the Human Rights Tribunal.

Marcia Da Silva, one of the women forced to close shop, is a mother who operated her waxing service from her family home where her young children live.

Da Silva said she had “no problem with LGBT” people, but was not comfortable carrying out the ‘Brazillian wax’ on male genitalia, nor did she have the necessary training for it.

Yaniv said on Twitter: “This is not about waxing. This is about business and individuals using their religion and culture to refuse service to protected groups because they don’t agree with it or the person and use that to illegally discriminate contrary to BC Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.”

Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked Magazine said, the accusation of ‘transphobia’ is being used to demonise and punished anyone who refuses to bow down to the ideology of gender-fluidity.

“It is a stick used to beat those who refuse to buy into the Orwellian notion that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and a penis can be female,” O’Neill said. “You can now be a bigot simply for believing in reality itself, in this case, that people with penises are not women.”

“Pressuring women to handle male genitalia against their will is dreadful and it suggests woke politics has now crossed the line from irritating to disgusting,” he added.

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