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Genuflecting to ‘Black Lives Matter’ is Straight-Up Idolatry

Darrell B. Harrison and Virgil Walker's new freestyle podcast is #lit and then some.

Darrell B. Harrison and Virgil Walker’s new freestyle podcast is #lit and then some.

The ‘Just Thinking… For Myself’ tag team hit home hard truths about the unbiblical roots of Black Lives Matter, providing reasons why the BLM movement is a pseudo-church, packed with false doctrines, false priests, and an eschatological (end-of-days messianic utopian) “melanin Messiah” and an alternative Christ, promising far more than can be delivered.

Takeaway points include:

  • Darrell’s well-read dive into facts about slavery;
  • The pagan roots underpinning Black Lives Matter Inc.;
  • Their slogans, and hashtags; and
  • Why genuflecting to BLM is idolatry.

Of special interest is the pagan ritualism associated with “say his name/say her name” invocations that form part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Don’t let the podcast’s 2-hour length deter you. Walker and Harrison are podcasting veterans, with over 100 in-depth episodes, providing well-researched discussions on social, political and theological issues.

Some of the most noteworthy are black liberation theology, social justice warriorism, white guilt, the African-American context, George Floyd, and why “race” is a myth.

We recommend JT for anyone outside the black American community, who is looking to verse themselves on all the issues, from all angles, from a trustworthy, primary source within the black American community.

Episode 103 exemplifies this. Worth a listen on a long commute, or while kicking back in the afternoon. Darrell is also a blogger, and Caldron Pool contributor, whose articles can be found here.


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