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Shocking footage from UK Islamic school: ‘throw gays from the highest place.’

Tommy Robinson has shared leaked footage from a UK Islamic school teaching Sharia law. The shocking video shows a teacher informing female students that Muslims must kill gays. This only goes to show, as Ben Shapiro has pointed out, radicalism in the Muslim world is not limited to a tiny minority. It’s closer than we think.

If someone makes… a woman like a man, the punishment is kill. Kill them. Throw them from the highest place. We are not going to be like animals, living like animals. Or to be like the people of Lot (homosexuals). We have to take the judgment. The judgment is to kill them…

We shouldn’t be indifferent and say things like, ‘You go to church. I go to the mosque.’ Let’s all stay together like one big, happy family. And all be united as humanity. This is false, it does not work. This concept is a lie, it’s fake and it is a farce.

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