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Superheroes and Disney Princesses could be banned from schools after push to make classrooms gender-neutral

Councils across Victoria are set to review educational resources to ensure stories and experiences go beyond ‘gender stereotypical narratives,’ the Herald Sun revealed.

The move follows a study by the Australian National University which suggested, educators should avoid classifying children according to gender, like ‘boy’ and ‘girl.’

Researchers found, ‘prejudice along race and gender lines can be observed’ in children as young as three-years-old.

According to the study, girls who played with ‘feminised characters’, such as Barbie, had fewer career options. It was also revealed that girls who played with Disney princess toys and boys who watched superhero shows were more gender stereotyped in their thinking.

The study means schools, kindergartens and libraries could be without children’s classics such as Thomas the Tank Engine, which would not pass the guidelines, the Herald Sun reported.

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