Misinformation: The Science of Political Manipulation

“Politicians by their very nature distort and contradict any true science. They always manipulate it for their own purposes.”

Political science is an oxymoron. What is an oxymoron? The word’s etymology suggests it is derived from two words, ‘oxygen’ and ‘moron’. Give oxygen to a moron and you will get contradictory statements that no reasonable person can decipher.

The word ‘politics’ is also derived from two words, ‘poli’, meaning many, and ‘tick’, a small blood-sucking insect. Thus the meaning is many blood-sucking insects. (Here blood is a euphemism for your wealth.) The word is etymologically related to ‘lunatic’. We’ll explore that below.

The word ‘science’ is etymologically derived from the word ‘knowledge’. Thus the reason for misinformation originating from any politician claiming to ‘follow the science’ is the fact that lunatic blood-sucking insects can never give you true knowledge. Natural selection is at work; the insects primarily act to protect their own survival in the ecosystem. Politicians by their very nature distort and contradict any true science. They always manipulate it for their own purposes.

Their pronouncements are from the lunatic fringe. They only speak in a way that is self-serving and protects their continued power.

Three major areas of misinformation/disinformation they use today are:

  1. Anthropogenic global warming and climate change;
  2. COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, lockdowns and global depopulation;
  3. Money/currency, CBDCs, digital IDs and the Great Reset.

Everything you have been told in regard to these three points has been misinformation and/or disinformation coming from the government.

According to the American Psychological Association,

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information—getting the facts wrong. Disinformation is false information which is deliberately intended to mislead—intentionally misstating the facts.

The spread of misinformation and disinformation has affected our ability to improve public health, address climate change, maintain a stable democracy, and more. By providing valuable insight into how and why we are likely to believe misinformation and disinformation, psychological science can inform how we protect ourselves against its ill effects. (emphasis added)

What is psychological science? As a scientist, I can definitely say it is not science, not in the Francis Bacon testable hypothesis sense. It is one of many pseudo-sciences masquerading as science. 

A group called Open Science Collaboration (OSC) tried to check claims of published science papers by replicating results of certain science experiments. They checked one hundred published psychology experiments and found that 65% failed to show any statistical significance on replication, and many of the remainder showed greatly reduced effect sizes. The OSC group even used original experimental materials, and sometimes performed the experiments under the guidance of the original researchers. They found though that the problem was not just in the area of psychology.

In 2011 a group of researchers at Bayer looked at 67 recent drug discovery projects based on preclinical cancer biology research. They found that in more than 75% of cases, they could not replicate the published data. And these data were published in reputable journals including Science, Nature, and Cell.

Then there is the issue of fraud. (Italicised quotes are from W.A. Wilson, Scientific Regress, First Things, Institute of Religion and Public Life, May 2016.)

In a survey of two thousand research psychologists conducted in 2011, over half of those surveyed admitted outright to selectively reporting those experiments which gave the result they were after.

This involves experimenter bias. The success of a research program might be all that is required for success in the next funding round. So, what might start as just a character weakness in the experimenter ends up being outright fraud. The article states that many have no qualms in

… reporting that a result was statistically significant when it was not, or deciding between two different data analysis techniques after looking at the results of each and choosing the more favorable.

One writer

… theorized that the farther from physics one gets, the more freedom creeps into one’s experimental methodology, and the fewer constraints there are on a scientist’s conscious and unconscious biases. If all scientists were constantly attempting to influence the results of their analyses, but had more opportunities to do so the “softer” the science, then we might expect that the social sciences have more papers that confirm a sought-after hypothesis than do the physical sciences, with medicine and biology somewhere in the middle. This is exactly what the study discovered: A paper in psychology or psychiatry is about five times as likely to report a positive result as one in astrophysics. (emphasis added)

Then ask yourself: How could psychology or psychiatry have any impact on the climate? The idea here is that people do not believe the politicians because of some psychosis they may have. That psychosis must be re-educated out of them or prevented from developing like a deadly disease. The ‘science’ is very rubbery and can be twisted any way they desire.

But true science is independent of any researcher. True science discovers absolute laws governing the universe. It should not matter who carries out an experiment or an observation. The results will be the same if it is true science. This is what we call objective reality.

Now it seems that the lunatics are running the asylum. The psychologists and psychiatrists are either mad or corrupt and following the Marxist party line.

In George Orwell’s anti-Marxist book 1984, there is a scene where the main protagonist Winston Smith is being re-educated in the Ministry of Truth and sometimes subject to torture in the Ministry of Love. He had to get certain questions right before he was allowed to go back to his highly surveilled life. One of those questions was, what is 2 plus 2? The required answer was 5, which he must answer if he wants to be successfully re-educated.

This is the same situation we have today. The controlled-by-the-puppet-masters politicians are lunatics who will do and say anything that their WEF/UN overlords command. Thankfully there are still a few in federal parliament who oppose the lunacy.

As Senator Babet said:

Make no mistake, the far left want to burn down our civilisation and what has made us great in order to rebuild upon its ashes a new world where mediocrity, poverty, authoritarianism and Marxist ideology reigns supreme.

Climate change is a powerful tool to accomplish this goal because it can be anything you like. In this case, the so-called science is by consensus, by committee. But never can any science advance and discover real truth by consensus.

All sciences have been dogged by ‘canonical phase locking’ (preferring previous or expected results), or ‘researcher bias’. Under that, a researcher selectively chooses his data according to the consensus of previous researchers, his peer group. Only when a revolutionary breaks out of that do we have real advances in science. These are the paradigm shifts that Karl Popper talked about.

One example is phlogiston. For about 100 years the consensus amongst scientists was that phlogiston was a real substance that went out of a material when it burned or rusted. Only after Antoine Lavoisier, in the 18th century, discovered ‘oxygen’ and proved the consensus wrong did the paradigm change.

The discovery of oxygen and its wide acceptance was not as political as is the bogus claims of anthropogenic global warming and the catch-all ‘climate change’. The latter is much more pliable and can be bent as desired.

The same problems apply in medicine. You could substitute ‘medicine’ in all of the above. Possibly with the size of grant funding magnitudes higher, it is easy to believe that anything can be published in medicine. We saw that in the COVID pandemic years. One great example was in the leading journal the Lancet. It published a totally bogus study on hydroxychloroquine, where all the data were invented and the researchers were without scientific credentials. The paper was retracted.

Then there were the discredited studies on modelled COVID deaths, masks, and lockdowns. Or how about the consensus science on the alleged COVID vaccines, which didn’t stop transmission or infection, but created an epidemic of deadly side effects, including blood clots, strokes, cancer, myocarditis, heart attacks, and death? The cover-up continues to this day.

Many Western countries reported all-cause excess deaths, over the 2015-19 baseline, of around 10%, not in 2020 but in 2021 and beyond, that is, after the vaccines were rolled out. Australia experienced a 12% spike in excess deaths in 2022. But COVID is blamed when it caused no excess deaths in 2020 when it was supposed to be most virulent.

One multidisciplinary research team led by Prof. Denis Rancourt found that 17 million people had been killed by the COVID vaccines. That is genocide! That is global depopulation. But all that, though based on published data, is misinformation and disinformation, apparently. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is true.

This leads me to probably the most important subject that we have been lied to about over the last 100 years at least. That is the global crime of theft of our money by all Western governments complicit with the international too-big-to-fail banks and all major national central banks.

Our own governments have been complicit in massive misinformation and have stolen money, by counterfeiting, from every income earner through price inflation, currency debasement and market manipulation. In this case, they openly state that bank interest rates must be maintained within the 2% to 3% band but they rarely ever are. The currency they print out of thin air is theft. Smoke and mirrors. They loan it to you and you have to pay it back with interest. And they constantly deflate its value. More theft.

Those bank notes are not money. Money would attract no interest because it doesn’t deflate in value. You cannot print money out of nothing. Money and currency are not the same thing. Currency is debt. Money is not.

Gold is money, not some barbarous relict! Silver is money! These two have been so for thousands of years. They are honest money.

All currencies are promissory notes or IOUs and have little intrinsic value. We’ve been conned again. More misinformation.

Because the sovereign debt of most Western governments has reached such magnitudes that can never be repaid, the plan is to collapse the entire world global financial system so that it is never paid back to those who bought the debt via government bonds and other loan instruments. More theft!

This is what the Marxist/Fascist oligarchs call their Great Reset. To achieve that they need a one world government, a digital ID system and cashless society, with programmable central bank digital currency (CBDCs). That is essential to control the masses who may wake up to their misinformation they have been peddling for many decades. The oligarchs call this their New World Order. But that is all a conspiracy theory, until it isn’t.

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