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Toronto Police threaten to arrest journalist for calling Soleimani a “terrorist”

Police in Canada have threatened to arrest a journalist for referring to Qassem Soleimani as a “terrorist”.

David Menzies of Rebel Media was in Toronto covering an organised vigil for the now former leader of the Revolutionary Guard Corps when he was confronted by the officers who warned him not to use the word “terrorist” in such an environment.

“If I hear any more complaints about using the word ‘terrorism’ I’m going to be back here,” the officer said.

“So, I can’t call a terrorist a terrorist?” Menzies responded.

“Not in this sort of environment,” the officer said. “No, you can’t. Okay? Because that’s going to incite a breach of the peace, and that is Canadian law.”

The officer continued, “If it incites a breach of the peace, you will be placed under arrest. Do you understand that?”

Soleimani was killed last week when President Donald Trump authorized a strike after receiving credible information from the U.S. intelligence community that the General was planning imminent terrorist attacks on U.S. forces and interests throughout the Middle East.


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