The Ventriloquists Behind the Biden Administration

Harris — along with Democratic socialists such as Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib — are essentially acting as ventriloquists for a President who is barely able to string a sentence together without stumbling.

During the US presidential debates of 2020, many across the political spectrum raised questions with Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy. The factors which contributed to this general scepticism included concerns about his senility, the increased media censorship of information exposing his family’s corruption in international affairs, and challenges to Biden’s patchy record as a career politician.

Nevertheless, the greatest worry for others was that Biden was being used as a trojan horse to forward the agenda of the radical wing of the democratic party.  As Sean Hannity has argued, the Biden administration would be more aptly called the Harris administration. Harris — along with Democratic socialists such as Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib — are essentially acting as ventriloquists for a President who is barely able to string a sentence together without stumbling.

This was made abundantly clear at Biden’s first press conference, which occurred over 50 days following his inauguration — the longest time a president has gone without meeting the press in 100 years. Not surprisingly, Biden’s press conference affirmed the reality that America’s mainstream media outlets — ranging from ABC to CNN — have assumed the role as Biden’s press. Hence, the reporters avoided questions regarding the state of the economy, how Biden’s approach to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic differs from ex-President Trump or the reckless spending he has proposed to implement what is essentially the Green New Deal proposed by Ocasio Cortez.

This being said, the majority of questions concerned Biden’s quasi-open border policy and its devastating consequences following just two months of his administration. The reporters asked about the current situation where children are being tossed over the border and asked questions about the grim conditions faced by many in migrant camps.

Biden’s responses were erratic, and he answered some questions with pre-written answers, raising the possibility that he had filtered the reporters and questions before the press conference even began, hence pre-emptively shaping its direction and outcome.

Moreover, Biden’s press conference answers were littered with falsehoods. A list of the disinformation given by Biden is laid out by Ian Haworth of the Daily Wire. Truth be told, this wasn’t a press conference — it was, as JP Sears comedically noted, a choreographed dialogue with state media.

Mainstream media outlets have been relentlessly and irrationally propping Biden up as a messianic figure who has delivered America from the grip of the orange tyrant who preceded him. One such instance was when prior to asking her question, a reporter noted how the perception of President Biden was that he was a ‘moral, decent man who was entrusted with unaccompanied minors.’

Moreover, Matt Taibbi of TK News compared many of the mainstream media’s headlines in recent months to those of the Pravda in Soviet Russia. Taibbi likens the ‘phony objectivity’ of mainstream media outlets with the Pravda of Soviet Russia, which used their position to legitimise one-party orthodoxy, promoting a religious adulation of the reigning authoritarians among the public.

Taibbi appropriately classifies this phenomenon as the “Sovietisation of the American Press.” While the US may not be an authoritarian state at present, Taibbi warns that it may soon descend into one, primarily through the homogenisation of information distribution, and the corruption of state media.

Joe Biden’s decrepit and senile state is being masked by countless sycophantic media outlets and far-left politicians who are aware that their ability to control and shape society depends on using a man who is presented to the US public as a ‘moderate.’ However, the truth is, Biden is a puppet, and his ventriloquists are well-aware of their need to maintain control over his actions and public persona in order to fulfill their autocratic agenda.

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