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The Uniting Church unites against the Bible.

The Uniting Church (UCA) is the first major Australian Christian denominations to endorse same-sex “marriage” and offer gay and lesbians the option of a church ceremony.

The decision, made at the Uniting Church’s national Assembly in July 2018, permits those being married in the Uniting Church to choose between two authorised marriage liturgies, the traditional language of “husband and wife,” or the updated version which refers only to “two people.”

With the Uniting Church continuing to run headlong towards apostasy, and the ongoing rejection of the teaching of Jesus, how should Christians respond?

Separation! A divorce from error is needed.

I know when one talks about the doctrine of separation that people can become a bit cautious. Let me stress I am not talking about some kind of withdrawing from society where we go live on a mountain somewhere, home-school our children while eating survival rations and waiting for the rapture (not that there is anything wrong with homeschooling!)

What I am talking about is the biblical doctrine of separation that says we withdraw ourselves from those who preach a different gospel and have nothing to do with them (Romans 16:16-17). If someone says they are a Christian, yet lives a lifestyle of open sin and rebellion, then the biblical command is not to have fellowship with them (1 Corinthians 5:11). The reasoning behind such separation is to demonstrate that light and darkness do not mix; that one cannot be a follower of Jesus, and live like the world.

For me, as a travelling Evangelist, this means that I will not knowingly work alongside or preach in / with a church, church leader or minister, who promotes and supports same-sex “marriage” or the LGBT agenda. Those churches and church leaders who supported a “yes” vote in the recent plebiscite, or who have no issues with marriage being redefined are enemies of the truth, and must be separated from.

This means that church members need to remove pastors who are pro-LGBT or SSM. If this cannot be done, then the faithful Christian needs to leave that church and find a place to worship that loves the Lord Jesus and follows the Bible. We cannot have fellowship with those who oppose God and His Word. There needs to be a clear break, so that people may realise that truth is important.

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