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WATCH: The Sexual Revolution: “We’ve been educated by a pedophile, whose work was labeled as ‘science.'”

Dr Judith Reisman said, “[America] was, up to the end of the second World War, a conservative, Judeo-Christian nation.

“The turning point for all that was Dr Alfred Kinsey and his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, 1948. He was the father of the sexual revolution, and therefore the father of everything that has come from that. And certainly one of the key things was pornography… ”

According to Reisman, Kinsey’s relationship with convicted Nazi pedophile Fritz Von Balluseck “became the foundation for the sex educational structure that fed itself into what we are teaching our children right now…

“And of course it was the foundation of all the changes in our laws, the sodomy laws, the abortion laws, and everything else. He’s there and his hand prints are on everything that deals with sexuality…

“America was educated by a pedophile, whose work was labeled as ‘science.’ Just as Darwin was the father of legitimizing evolution, Kinsey was the father of legitimizing the sexual revolution and all that’s based upon that today.”

To learn more about the relationship between Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner, see: The Spectator – Kinsey and Hef, by Mark Powell

In the following video Reisman explains Kinsey’s shocking research and its devastating effects:

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