Australia’s Covid Zero Bureaucrats To Force Carbon Zero

“Being a good global citizen is not separate to Australia’s national economic interest,” said Bowen.

Announcing the government’s “climate action” plan, Australia’s new climate commissar, Chris Bowen, said in a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday, “being a good global citizen is not separate to Australia’s national economic interest.”

Climate-mad Australian Labor, a party renowned for its group-think, then told Australians to fall-in line with its “climate agenda,” after committing Australians to a “43% emission reduction target” by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050.

The speech, in sum, saw Bowen announce a two-pronged policy initiative, where he appealed to “we’re all in this together”, and called for the “climate wars” to end through uniform compliance with Labor’s policies.

The new government’s imperative was part of a broader (jet-setting-high-polluting) Labor campaign telling the world that Australia had “re-joined” the global “climate emergency” pact.

In his speech, Bowen boasted about his party’s ideological alignment with the climate catastrophiser cult, labelling the previous government as inept.

Bowen then damned the LNP’s version of “climate justice” as incoherent, and incompatible with the new world order’s “climate crisis” economy.

Australia’s new climate czar also spoke fondly of his government’s new coherence on “climate action” cohesion, peacocking to how his government were bringing big bureaucracy into line with the green-conscious 21st-century interests of big business.

Accompanying this, Bowen offered the nonsensical circular reasoning: “A” is good therefore “B” has to be good also, asserting that, “good climate and energy policy, is good economic policy.”

Talking up how he intended to pour taxpayer money into his government’s Quixotical fight against “climate change,” Bowen said, the first on his ‘climate agenda’ was ‘cutting the tariffs and abolishing fringe benefits tax on Electric Vehicles from 1 July.’

On the list, EVs (a luxury item for many) will be mandatory for 75% of the Commonwealth government’s fleet of cars.

To accommodate Labor’s EV mandate, more charging stations are to be built.

New infrastructure will include “a national Hydrogen Highways refuelling network, to deliver stations on Australia’s busiest freight routes.”

The Australian Minister for Climate Change’s second policy front was Labor’s Climate Change Bill.

The bill will ‘enshrine in law’ Labor’s pledge to the UN that it would cut Australia’s emissions down to 43% by 2030, and set in stone Labor’s “goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

In addition to this, The Climate Change Authority, established in 2011, under Labor’s Julia Gillard, will be given more power.

The CCA will be “tasked” with policing, reporting, and advising government on “climate action” progress.

Bowen, himself will become more integral, with the office of Climate Change, set to provide a mandatory (usually self-congratulatory), “annual report to Parliament on progress in meeting [“climate action”] targets.”

Setting his office on the same level of social justice importance as empowering Australia’s indigenous people, Bowen said, “I see this [Climate Action] report as similar to the annual Closing the Gap statement.”

A surface read, would seem to bestow on Bowen some credit for using his speech to invite bipartisan cooperation.

However, while stating he wanted to see an end to “identity politics,” he stupidly labels members of the previous LNP government (and presumably their 5.3mil voters) “climate deniers.”

Bowen made the bizarre claim that the LNP’s weak voter turnout – in an election where Labor didn’t fare better – “blew away nine years of climate denial, delay and dysfunction.”

Blaming higher electricity prices, not on the move towards “renewable energy,” but on low investment in “renewable energy,” Bowen called higher energy costs a consequence of the LNP’s “climate crisis denialism.”

The Climate Change Minister also categorically ruled out nuclear power, while simultaneously ridiculing the now opposition party for considering it.

Bowen stated, “We won’t be entertaining amendments which are not consistent with our agenda or our mandate.”

Anyone, he said, who argued for nuclear was “economically illiterate.”

Again, ignoring the 5.23 million Australians who did vote for the LNP, Bowen negated his olive branch for cooperation, demanding that the LNP either agree with them, or they would be denied representation.

The crux of this is exemplified by Bowen accusing the LNP of, “Counting themselves out of a sensible discussion on the most pressing issue facing the country: climate change and energy.”

Instead of nuclear, there will be a “Rewiring the Nation” initiative.

The Albanese government will focus on “offshore wind,” and improve existing electricity transmission infrastructure to bring “climate saving” renewables to the energy grid.

Additionally, Bowen asserted, “hydrogen [will be used] to progressively decarbonise existing industries, heavy transport links and for chemical production.”

The Albanese government appear to want total affirmation for the ideology they’re following, not the scientific methods opposing viewpoints, and robust debate.

This assessment seems fair considering how Bowen conveniently left out the previous government’s long interest in, and work on hydrogen power.

The politics suggest Bowen’s “climate crisis” policies best serve the political interests of the Australian Labor Party, not the interests of the Australian people.

To illustrate this, note the agenda behind the “climate agenda” in Bowen’s patronising reassurances about being a “global superpower in renewable energy”:

Australians shouldn’t worry about fitting the costs of Labor’s “climate agenda” into a diminishing bread, and butter budget, because key to the national economy was “being a good global citizen.”

An unravelling certainty of Labor’s election win is that by the end of their tenure in government, either the majority of Australians will be sick of climate change catastrophising, or sick because they’ve been made penniless by the climate cult’s catastrophic policies.

The forced transition from combustion vehicles to EVs brings with it its own sets of challenges. Rising interest rates, and inflation will raise price points. Inflation-driven unemployment and limited lending capabilities will keep EVs (and solar) out of range for most families.

Perhaps that’s the point. As some have quipped: we are the carbon they want reduced.

After two years of nonsense, “we’re all in this together, COVID ZERO” – any talk of “we’re all in this together, CARBON ZERO” should send a jarring shudder through the thinking voter populace of this great country.

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