The People Who Truly Know Their God, Stand Firm – And Take Action!

“The Church in Australia will stand firm for God’s truth, and take much needed action, when she knows her God!”

The 2023 Stand Firm Conference, hosted by Hope Reformed Baptist Church, will feature Michael Foster this September, on the Gold Coast, QLD.

When God gave Daniel a prophetic vision of coming persecution (Dan 11), he foresaw two contrasting responses from those who professed to worship God. Those who violate their relationship with God, and cave to flattery by the enemy; and those who truly know their God, who would stand firm, and take action.

He shall profane the temple and fortress…. And set up the abomination. He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action …

Daniel 11:32

The Church in Australia will stand firm for God’s truth, and take much-needed action when she knows her God! At this year’s Stand Firm Conference, we will be sounding the call for Christians — exhorting them to stand against evil and take real steps towards extending Christ’s Kingdom. 

Some conferences are basically “how-to’s” on building ivory towers, stroking the intellect, and escaping the real world. Others are gatherings devoted to grumbling against the way the world is, and building spiritual bunkers to hide in (though not always spiritual). At Stand Firm, we avoid intellectual conceit, reject defeatist grumbling — and we embrace a courageous practicality! 

What can you do this year, to honour God, push back the darkness, and build the Kingdom of Jesus? 

Timely, practical, bold! This year’s sessions will stretch over Friday night to Saturday afternoon (Sep 15th -16th), and be packed full of teaching, instruction, and exhortation. 

We will fellowship over good food, sing hearty songs to God, and leave enriched! 

There will be Stand Firm merchandise available, and other Christian businesses selling goods. A mechanical Bucking Bull will feature in the foyer, because why not? Who said Christians can’t enjoy some friendly competition and old-fashioned fun at a conference?

Every ticket holder receives extras and freebies upon entry (an ebook from Ligonier, TV Streaming subscriptions), as well as full meals and snacks over the conference. More free content will be added for ticket holders soon!

Michael Foster, author and Pastor from the USA, will be showing us how it’s done, as our keynote Speaker! Craig Ireland, author and Pastor will be returning for more fire-breath preaching. Pastor Warren Mackenzie will also be doing what he does best, and preaching up a storm. I pastor Hope Reformed Baptist Church, and I invite you to join us for 2 days you will not regret!

See you on the Gold Coast, Sep 15-16t, 2023. 

Pastor Tom Foord.

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