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The Media Warned People Not to Drink Poison Because They, Like Most on the Left, Believe the Public Are Stupid

I have long believed that the news is what you get after events have been filtered through the media’s unreasoning hatred of Donald Trump.

This was confirmed again on Thursday when Trump wondered aloud whether doctors might come up with a way to inject people with disinfectant to kill the Coronavirus.

American political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen reported: “Trump is now promoting injecting coronavirus patients with disinfectant.”

Trump did not promote any such thing. He simply asked whether it was an idea doctors might look into.

The Washington Post reported Trump’s question as a “dubious medical tip” as if it was advice he had given rather than an idea he had floated.

CNN reported: “Trump dangerously suggests injecting disinfectant as a treatment”.

Other news outlets variously described Trump as “reckless” and “dangerous” and nutty”.

But it was the news media who were reckless and dangerous for reporting Trump’s suggestion that doctors research something as if he had said people should actually go and do it.

Having reported that Trump was encouraging the ingestion of detergent – which he wasn’t – the media then lined up doctors to warn people against following the President’s ‘advice’.

“Doctors warn that heeding US President Donald Trump’s comments on using disinfectants to treat coronavirus could have fatal consequences,” the BBC reported.

Doctors should have instead warned the public that heeding the media’s outrageously absurd interpretation of Trump’s statement could have fatal consequences.

Michael Holmes, an Australian correspondent for CNN International, tweeted: “Remarkable we’re in a place where CNN’s Jim Acosta – after directly quoting President Trump on somehow ‘disinfecting’ the body from the inside – has to immediately urge people ‘please don’t try this’”

Jim Acosta didn’t have to warn people not to drink poison because people think Trump advised it; Jim Acosta had to warn people not to drink poison because he, like most on the Left, believe the public to be stupid.

But we don’t need CNN reporters to tell us that bleach is not for drinking – we know it’s for cleaning surfaces and, if you’re a Democrat, email servers.

Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton felt it necessary to warn the American public: “Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea.”

This was a clever way of calling “deplorables” idiots whilst sounding like she actually cared about their welfare.

If she was really concerned with saving lives she might have tweeted: “Please don’t kill your unborn child because Hillary Clinton thinks it could be a good idea.” But I digress.

The media enlisted disinfectant manufacturers to warn against drinking their products. Reuters reported: “Makers of household cleaners took the unusual step of urging people not to drink or inject their products.”

“Bleach and other disinfectants are not suitable for consumption or injection,” they reported as if this would be a revelation for Trump supporters who were likely planning to drink toilet bowl cleaner on the way to their weekly White Supremacist rally.

And then, to prove the Trump was dangerous and that his supporters were stupid, the New York Daily News reported “A spike in New Yorkers ingesting household cleaners following Trump’s controversial coronavirus comments”.

But the article made no mention of people ingesting anything. Instead, it said that 30 people called the city’s poison hotline “over fears that they had ingested bleach or other household cleaners.”

My 12-year-old daughter can tell the difference between fearing you have ingested something and deliberately consuming something; just as she can tell the difference between a question and a directive. The New York Daily News cannot tell the difference between either.

Trump supporters don’t take what the President says too seriously, and they certainly don’t take him literally. I think they just love that the crazier Trump is, the crazier the media acts. It works every time, and it’s fun to watch.

No one has injected disinfectant, but the media’s continual ingestion of Trump hatred has made them very, very sick.

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