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Muslim Labor MP following Hamas organisations on Twitter links followers to KKK leader.

How hateful do you have to be to get expelled from the Party of Diversity?

We’ll find out today, depending on whether NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley removes Shaquette Moselmane as the Labor Party’s Chief Whip in the upper house.

Moselmane has form for antisemitic tweeting, as NSW Treasurer pointed out in Question Time yesterday. But his dissemination – at 10pm Wednesday night – of a Jewish conspiracy article is a new low, even for him. It’s more a ramble than an article – the familiar trope about Israelis controlling Australian foreign policy – but what makes it interesting is it’s author.

It seems Moselmane follows – not only the worldwide terrorist organization Hamas – but also the notorious white supremacist and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke.

In comments to the ABC, Moselmane claims sharing Duke’s article was “a bad mistake” and “a lesson to learn from,” but he neither apologizes nor disavows what he did. But we’re not even convinced it was a bad mistake.

Even if you’re not familiar with Duke and his oeuvre of racial hatred, his website is replete with links to all kinds of outfits and articles espousing white supremacy, antisemitism, and neo-Nazi beliefs.

Given his previous statements on social media and elsewhere, it is entirely likely that Moselmane knows exactly what he was doing.

The question asked to the Treasurer in Parliament was actually about jobs. With an election coming in March – and a by-election in the Jewish heart of Australia on Saturday, voters are entitled to ask why Shaquette Moselmane still has his job, and when the Labor Party is going to do theirs.

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