The Harmful Trans Tsunami Being Aided and Abetted By Woke Wonders

“The level of mass stupidity here is mind-boggling. And the big losers are women and children.”

There is absolutely no question about it: we now have some of the most moronic, idiotic and brainless politicians and leaders that have ever been around. The level of utter madness and lunacy we see from these folks is just staggering to behold.

In the guise of trying to be “inclusive” and “tolerant” and “accepting,” they are completely willing to do and say the most brain-dead things imaginable. And it has been going on for some time now. Let me look at just three examples of this moonbattery, all concerning the trans insanity that is now destroying the West.

Who can forget what happened back in March of last year when the US Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked the most simple of questions?

As I said back then:

The Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked a rather simple question on Tuesday night as part of her Senate Judiciary confirmation hearings. Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, asked Jackson a question that most five-year-olds could easily answer: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’” Her reply was this: “Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t. Not in this context, I’m not a biologist.”

Good grief. And she is meant to become one of the top nine justices on the highest court in America? This is above her pay grade? Really? Thankfully plenty of folks who do still seem to have something in their skulls were quick to jump on this idiocy.

For example, media personality Piers Morgan tweeted: “Ridiculous. I’m not a brain surgeon but I know what a brain is. This is where ‘progressive’ thinking leads – to a terror of stating basic unarguable facts lest it offend the woke brigade.”

Yep, such is the diabolical madness that we now live under when seemingly intelligent grown-ups cannot answer the most basic of questions. It reminds me of one meme making the rounds: it shows two people standing in the pouring rain. The woman asks the guy: “Is it raining?” He replies: “I don’t know, I’m not a meteorologist”.

But this clueless wonder in the US is not the only leader that is unable to answer the most elementary of questions. We had the same thing happening in New Zealand just recently. That sad episode I also wrote up at the time, so let me share that here:

One example of a spineless wonder who is so utterly fearful and paralysed by the woke mobs can be mentioned. Recently the uber-woke New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern stepped down. That was great news, but many of us wondered if her replacement would be any better. Well, now we know.

When a journalist asked him what a woman is, he said: “Um… to be honest that question has come slightly out of left field for me.” When asked again he said, “It is not something that I have a pre-formulated answer on.” What utter madness. As I said the other day, “If that is too hard for him to figure out, he should not be trying to run an entire nation. He needs to go back to kindergarten and learn a few basics about life.”

You can watch the whole, embarrassing and appalling episode here.

What a dill. What a brainless wonder. And bear in mind that he was in fact married (to a WOMAN) for two years. He is now separated, but they have two children. Yet he appears to be clueless as to what a woman is. Perhaps that is why they are separated!

With “leaders” like this the West doesn’t have a chance. As one friend said on the social media: “I just asked our 8 year old grandson, and he certainly knows women are different to boys and men and briefly explained to me why anatomically.” To which I replied, “Well, he would do a better job of running NZ than this clown would!”

But not to be outdone by America and New Zealand, we have another case of this mental and moral breakdown occurring here in Australia. It involves – of all things – the Queensland Minister for Women! Rachael Wong of Women’s Forum Australia said this about her:

Things are looking dire for women in Queensland. This week, Queensland’s Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman (who is also the state’s Attorney-General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence), took to social media to decry a sticker placed on a sign outside her office. The sticker included the word woman, and its definition: adult human female.

According to the Minister, “for some people in our community, these stickers represent much more – they represent a movement which discriminates against [transgender people] and denies their existence.”

“I want to be very clear – I don’t stand for these sort of views, our community doesn’t stand for these views, and Queenslanders don’t stand for these views,” added the Minister.

So, the Minister for Women ‘doesn’t stand for the definition of woman’, which, as the Minister for Women, she finds offensive? It’s like we’re living in an alternate universe.

Rachael tweeted this about what the Minister had to say:

QLD ‘Minister for Women’ @ShannonFentiman answers Q ‘what is a woman?’ “Let’s be inclusive. Anyone that identifies as a woman is a woman…It’s not one group advancing at the expense of another.” Tell that to the actual women whose rights you are giving away under self-ID laws.

This even got the attention of Jordan Peterson. He picked up on this and offered this tweet in reply: “‘I’m responsible for something with no definition’ how convenient for you @ShannonFentiman

In an email to supporters, Wong said this:

My tweet has since been shared by none other than Canadian commentator Jordan Peterson, who in raising the issue with his 4 million + followers, has now done more for women in Queensland than the one person whose job it is to represent them.

How does the Minister know someone is identifying as a woman if she can’t define what a woman is? How can she represent women if she doesn’t know who they are?

And ‘one group advancing at the expense of another’ is exactly what Fentiman’s self-ID laws will achieve.

For the past six months, Women’s Forum Australia has been highlighting and opposing Fentiman’s harmful self-ID bill being pushed under the Queensland Labor Government.

The Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill will allow anyone to change their legal sex on their birth certificate and enable men to self-identify as women and access female-only activities, spaces and services, including sports, prisons, changing rooms and refuges. 

Almost more concerning than the bill itself, has been the concerted effort to ignore, deride and silence women and members of the community who oppose the legislation.

Well done Rachael and Jordan. The complete mental meltdown that we see in our woke leaders is the most shocking thing I have witnessed in my long lifetime. And it looks to only get worse. Who is voting for these utter nincompoops? When will this insanity come to an end?

The level of mass stupidity here is mind-boggling. And the big losers are women and children. As Candace Owens put it recently: “Telling children they can pick their gender is as fundamentally stupid as telling children they can choose their species. If we did, we’d have classrooms filled with mermaids, aquamen, wizards, gnomes, fairies and aliens.”

But adult activists and trans militants do not give a rip about the harm they are doing to women and children. Indeed, they seem to delight in it. Heaven help us all.

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