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Social media freak out after folder spontaneously changes colour mid-scene during news report

A Sky News report in the UK has left viewers scratching their heads and questioning their grip on reality after airing footage of a red folder that appears to inexplicably change colour mid-scene.

The report featured footage of Chancellor Rishi Sunak exiting 10 Downing Street on Tuesday with a red folder containing the first budget under his arm.

As Sunak walks towards a nearby vehicle, he briefly passes behind a parked car. When he reemerges, however, the red folder he was once clasping is now bright green.

Social media lit up with countless theories attempting to explain the bizarre scene, from deep state conspiracies to signals from Q.

What many don’t seem to realise, however, is that the report is on whether or not the budget will tackle climate change. At the point at which the folder changes colour, the reporter asks: “How much will coronavirus impact what many believe would be a green budget?”

The red folder contained the budget. The reporter references a “green” budget. It was clearly an edit on the part of Sky News, but it does raise questions as to whether or not news outlets should employ “special effects” to assist in communicating their reports, even ones as boring as those detailing “green” budgets.

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