Scott Morrison Pushes For A Divided Australia: “You Get Vaccinated and All This Changes”

“Australia gets vaccinated, Australia is able to live differently,” Morrison said.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is on the path to divide Australia by suggesting a restoration of freedoms to citizens based on their vaccine status.

Announcing his “pathway out of COVID-19” plan today, Morrison said in the “post-vaccination phase,” restrictions may ease for vaccinated residents, including alternative, easier quarantine options for vaccinated travellers.

“Australia gets vaccinated, Australia is able to live differently,” Morrison said.

Adding, “We’ll do everything we possibly can to vaccinate the population as fast as possible… We get this done, Australia, and you can see what’s on the other side. We’ve made it very clear today what’s on the other side.

“You get vaccinated, and we get there, and this all changes,” he said.

“A person’s medical history/record is none of the Government’s business,” tweeted Caldron Pool writer Rod Lampard. “How will they police this, without killing patient/doctor privilege?

“How will they avoid the mob using this as permission to turn the blame for lockdowns and C19 away from the Government’s heavy-handedness to the unvaxxed?”

“This isn’t leadership,” Lampard added. “It’s a policy on the run, built on top of an either/or fallacy. We are witnessing the end of informed consent, patient/doctor privilege, and the right to conscientious objection.”

Morrison’s plan is on course to divide Australia into two classes, where the vaccinated are rewarded “privileges” that aren’t extended to the unvaccinated.

Covexit plans need to be holistic. They need to respect civil liberties, not coerce or manipulate the public through totalitarian threats of unending lockdowns and denied freedoms.

It was only last week that we warned lockdowns and restrictions would continue until public anger is no longer directed at the government, but the unvaccinated class.

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