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NSW Police to Redraft Public Health Orders to Make Them “Work for the Police Rather Than the Public”

The revisions are expected to include an increased military presence to "police" restrictions...

The NSW Government has given police 48 hours to redraft the public health orders granting them “unprecedented powers” to enforce restrictions on the public.

According to 9News, the amendments, which will make it easier for authorities to “crackdown on rule-breakers,” will now “work for the police rather than work for the public.”

Commissioner Fuller and Police Minister David Elliot told a crisis cabinet meeting on Wednesday afternoon that the current orders are proving difficult to enforce, and greater powers are needed for the police to control the people.

The revisions are expected to include an increased military presence to “police” restrictions, along with a ban on people traveling to another property they own, and a heavier policing of singles bubbles.

According to the Daily Mail, the announcement came a day after Premier Gladys Berejiklian insisted she would not introduce harsher lockdown measures unless they have a proven impact on virus transmission.

Commenting on the country’s draconian measures, Fox News host Dan Bongino, described what we’re seeing in Australia as “the textbook definition of tyranny.”

“Australia is a prison colony,” he said. “What is different than a prison colony? The difference is, it’s worse in Australia. You’re allowed to leave to work to go make your license plates in a prison colony. Not in Australia.”