Scott Adams Admits Anti-Vaxxers Were Right: “They Won”

“The smartest, happiest people are the people who didn’t get the vaccination and are still alive.”

Scott Adams, author, and creator of the Dilbert comic strip has admitted he was wrong about the COVID-19 jab, saying the anti-vaxxers should take a victory lap for their “clear win.”

Adams, a staunch advocate for the vaccine, posted a concession video to YouTube on Sunday telling his viewers that his “fancy analytics” got him to a “bad place,” leaving him now to worry about unknown long-term side effects of the jab.

The anti-vaxxers appear to be right. Anybody who did not get vaccinated, got a little Omicron — or maybe even a worse one, but recovered — now you’ve got natural immunity, and you have no vaccination in you. Can we all agree that was the winning path?

The smartest, happiest people are the people who didn’t get the vaccination and are still alive.

I want to make sure that I’m not leaving any wriggle room for myself. Have I? Have I said as clearly as possible, they’re the happy ones right now? And they have a reason to be, compeltely…

Having said as clearly as possible that the anti-vaxx people seem to be the winners — I want you to hear that clearly — the antivax people seem to be the winners… at this point. And I think it’ll probably stay that way. I don’t want to put any shade on that, whatsoever. They came out the best. They have the winning position.

The unvaccinated have a current advantage because they feel better. The thing they’re not worrying about is what I have to worry about, which is, I wonder if that vaccination, five years from now–

Because really the anti-vaxxers, I think, were really just distrustful of big companies and big government. That’s never wrong. It’s never wrong to distrust government. It’s never wrong to distrust big companies.

So, if you just took the position, let’s just distrust everything the government did, well you won. You won completely. I did not end up in the right place. Agree? You would all agree with that, right? I did not end up in the right place.

The right place would be natural immunity, no vaccination. You should take victory. And I should take defeat. We can agree on that, right? That my position is now the weakest and your position has gone from the weakest to the strongest. And we can just say that’s true.

The people who didn’t get vaxxed are absolutely in the winning position. You win. You win. You are the winners. Let me say that part with no abiguity. You won. You won. All of my fancy analytics got me to a bad place. All of your heuristics don’t — don’t trust these guys, it’s obvious — totally worked.

So, how did the unvaccinated see through the charade from the start? Was it pure luck? Did they just accidentally bet on the right horse? It’s simple, really. Never back the team that’s violating basic human rights.


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