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Protesters clash with MP: Tolerance of LGBTQ ideology is intolerance of Islam

Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Philips, has clashed with a Muslim protester outside of a primary school accused of “indoctrinating” Muslim students with LGBTQ ideology.

Hundreds of students from the Muslim-majority Anderton Park Primary School reportedly skipped school in protest of the lessons which introduce children to homosexuality, gender identity, and same-sex relationships.

Outraged Muslim parents have gathered outside of the school for several weeks to protest the compulsory lessons, claiming they’re “intolerant” of Muslim beliefs.

According to Sky News, Ms Philips was invited to the area by the headteacher who wanted to introduce “exclusion zones” to protect children from the protesters.

While in the area, Ms Philips was confronted by a protester, named Shakeel Afsar, who asked her why she had not come to support the 300 parents who had been protesting for the last four weeks.

“Our MPs have become intolerant towards us,” Afsar said. “Rather than coming out and trying to resolve this matter, they’re becoming confrontational with parents.”

Ms Philips warned Afsar that the protest is “harming Muslims” and “whipping up hatred” for the Islamic community.

“I don’t agree you can pick and choose the equality you can and can’t have,” Ms Philips said. “Our equality laws protect us all… I fear you are damaging the reputation of the Muslim community.”

It was inevitable, really. You can’t mix people with fundamentally conflicting ideologies and expect them to affirm and celebrate each other’s worldview. The goal of multiculturalism is “diversity in harmony.” But that goal is unattainable for the simple fact that not all parties share that goal.

This is a truth that many Western politicians choose to ignore. Many Muslims have no intention of embracing other cultures, religions, and ideologies. That’s why multiculturalism is a uni-cultural phenomenon.

On the other hand, the militant LGBTQ ideology has infiltrated just about every aspect of life. From children’s television programs to kids’ clothing lines. At every turn, kids are being desensitised and told, not to merely be tolerant of the LGBTQ ideology, but to embrace it and celebrate it as good.

Ironically, leftists have been some of the strongest defenders of Islamic immigration into the West. For years, anyone with the slightest hint of common sense has warned of the incompatibility of contradictory worldviews and the inevitable clash when the two are expected to affirm that which undermines their own ideology.

No doubt we’ll see more of this sort of thing in the future, as the near immovable object of Islam in the West continues to be confronted by the almost unstoppable force of the LGBTQ activists. Perhaps then the West will come to the realisation that Christian memes and gay wedding cakes were the least of their troubles.

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