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Professor confronts city council: ‘More innocent children have been killed in the city of Phoenix than were ever killed in the Buchenwald concentration camp’

Dr James White, the founder of Alpha and Omega Ministries, gave a powerful address in the Phoenix City Council Chambers last week, pleading with the city to avoid the infamy and cowardice of Weimar, the German city which did nothing to stop the horrors of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Polish prisoners await execution.

Dr White noted that when General Patton first toured the camp, what he saw was so horrific that he commanded the mayor, magistrates, and leading citizens of Weimar be forced to tour the camp to see what had been done right under their eyes for many years.

History has not looked favourably on those who turned a blind eye to such evils. But Dr White goes on to ask, will history treat us the same way? “Because the reality is, within the borders of the city of Phoenix, more innocent children have been killed in equally gruesome ways than were ever killed in the Buchenwald concentration camp in the entire years it was in operation.”

“How will history look at us?” Dr White asked the council. “Will there be a General Patton that will rise from the dead and force us to walk through the abortuaries?”

But history’s view of us is not the most important, according to Dr White. The most important question is, “how will the judge of all history look upon us when we stand before him?”

Dr White went on to tell the council ignorance is no excuse. “[God] knows whether we knew or not. And we live in a day when there’s no reason not to know what’s going on, not to know the humanity of the pre-born child.”

Dr White’s address ended with a plea, urging the city to make Phoenix a sanctuary city for pre-born children. “Save us from the infamy and the cowardice of Weimar,” Dr White said.


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