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President of Brazil to ban LGBTQ ideology in schools and revise Marxist textbooks, for the “full protection of children”

President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is staying true to his promise to “combat the Marxist rubbish that has spread in educational institutions.” Last week, the President announced he’s preparing legislation to protect young children from the spread of LGBTQ gender ideology in public primary schools.

President Bolsonar, dubbed ‘Trump of the Tropics,’ made the announcement on Twitter on September 3, saying he has instructed the Ministry of Education “to prepare a draft law that prohibits gender ideology in elementary schools.”

According to the President, the legislation prohibiting the spread of LGBTQ ideology will be carried out “with a view towards the full protection of children.”

The announcement comes several months after President Bolsonar revealed plans to revise textbooks in public schools to remove references to homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and violence against women.

During his inauguration, President Bolsonaro promised his presidency would “unite people, value the family, respect religions and our Judeo-Christian tradition, combat gender ideology and rescue our values.”

Earlier this year, President Bolsonaro said there is a thirst for truth among the people, which played a large part in his election.

Speaking to CBN News, Bolsonaro said, back in 2015 he travelled around the nation like an itinerate evangelist, bringing truth to the people.

“That was very well received by all segments of society,” he said. “The peasants… even people who work and live in the forest, as well as in large urban centres. Everyone seems to be thirsty for the truth.”

President Bolsonaro went on to say that while Christians in Brazil make up one-third of the population, they have been largely ignored by politicians.

“Up until recently, Christians had no one to support. No one willing to behave or express the faith in line with theirs,” he said.

“The evangelical Christians were extremely important during my election.”

President Bolsonaro said his commitment to preserving and advancing Christianity is derived from a conviction that “Christian values help move society in the right direction” and in the “path of good.”

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