Premier of Victoria’s Threat: If You Don’t Get Vaccinated, You Won’t Get Your Freedoms, We Won’t Hesitate to Go Door-to-Door Testing

“There will come a time though, where restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated rather than restrictions apply to all of us. Now, if that’s not an incentive to go and get vaccinated, I don’t know what is.”

The Victorian Premier has issued a threat to unvaccinated citizens: if you don’t get vaccinated, you won’t get your freedoms back.

During a recent press conference, Premier Daniel Andrews warned Victorians that eventually, restrictions will only apply to those who have not been vaccinated against C0VID-19.

“This is a difficult conversation to have with people now, in an almost kind of threatening tone, when people who want to get vaccinated can’t because we don’t have enough stuff,” Andrews said.

“There will come a time though, where restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated rather than restrictions apply to all of us. Now, if that’s not an incentive to go and get vaccinated, I don’t know what is.

“But I can see a time when to get into a venue, to attend a major event, to participate fully as a customer, a client, a ticketholder, a patron, a viewer, however, you want to look at it, being vaccinated will mean you get in and not being vaccinated will mean that you don’t,” he added.

“More threats, more coercion, more discrimination, and more unconstitutional actions,” Independent MP Craig Kelly said in response to Andrews’ comments.

Kelly noted that despite the promises, vaccines are not setting people free, as Israel and Iceland, two of the most vaccinated countries in the world, continue to demonstrate.

According to recent reports, Iceland is currently experiencing its worst pandemic outbreak, despite nearly the entire population being vaccinated against the virus.

In total, 86% of the Icelandic population has been fully vaccinated, with some 96% of all Icelandic women over 16 having received at least one vaccine dose, along with about 90% of men.

In recent days, the country has reimposed restrictions, including social distancing requirements, masks, and travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, health officials are warning that Israel could face a fourth lockdown in September if the country does not improve on its 80% adult vaccination rate and deliver more booster shots.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Mask mandates are back, including requirements to mask up for large outdoor gatherings. Many venues require people to show proof of vaccination, a negative C0VID-19 test or proof of recovery from the virus. People returning from most countries have to quarantine for at least two weeks, even if they are fully vaccinated. Over-60s are being offered a third, booster shot of Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine, and the government is planning to offer it to younger recipients with the hopes it can suppress the rise of cases of severe illness.”

While 60% of the total population of Israel are fully vaccinated, making up around 80% of adults, the country is now said to be looking at alternative treatments.

But withholding freedoms from the unvaccinated wasn’t the only threat Andrews issued during the press conference. The Premier went on to urged Victorians to get tested for the virus, even if they have the mildest of symptoms, and threatened his government would “not hesitate” to go door-to-door conducting mandatory testing of citizens if necessary.

“We’re not at a point where we need to go door-to-door,” he said. “We’re not at a point where we need entire suburbs to come out and get tested. If we get to that stage, then we won’t hesitate.

“I think we’ve shown, in fact, I know we’ve shown, that we’re prepared to do what has to be done, popular or otherwise,” he said.

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