Prayer Before Politics: Franklin Graham vs. The Marxist Cancellation Cult

“Prayer is a revolt against the disorder of the world.”

Franklin Graham is no novice with prayer or politics.

He’s often targeted by the Marxist cancellation cult, derided for being both white and evangelical.

Add politically active into that mix, and you’ve got the perfect Woke storm-in-a-tea cup, trigger-warning trifecta.

Case in point is a new piece published by the Wall Street Journal, National Politics writer, Vivian Salama.

She tries to get her head around how Graham can be a Christian, and still support Donald Trump.

Like many on the Left, such as Woke “Christian” SJW sell-out, David French, Salama appears dumbfounded by Franklin Graham’s inability to stop being Franklin Graham.

The grating tonal tyranny is all too familiar.

Having a lighter shade of melanin is the new political pervasion of original sin.

As the post-modern Maoist struggle sessions falsely teach ad nauseam, White evangelicals are the oppressors.

In the Marxian-Woke world of “hate whitey is not racism, because its ‘anti-racism’” there is no grace and redemption, just the genocidal vernacular of extinction.

Where the Gospel teaches that all have fallen short of the glory of God, the Social Justice Warrior version says, only the oppressor has.

Hence Salama’s gripe about ‘white evangelicals undergirding Trump’s staying power.’

The reason for this, she determines, is Trump’s ability to cash in on “the growing resentment of the Biden administration among Christians.”

Implying that team Trump misled Christians when the Biden administration replaced Easter with “transgender visibility day,” the WSJ said, ‘Trump seized’ the moment for political gain.

This was evidenced, she claims, by Trump ‘vowing to make election day a “Christian day of visibility.”’

Salama, who interviewed Franklin Graham for the article, also expressed bewilderment at why Christians would vote for Trump and not Biden.

She described this as ironic, considering Joe Biden says he’s a Christian, and his – all-important – “church attendance record” is immaculate when compared to Trump’s.

Graham replied, while he’s uncomfortable with Trump’s past, and ‘locker room language,’ “Biden’s policies don’t reflect Christian beliefs.”

Asked if he believed accusations that Trump was “profiting off Jesus by selling the God Bless the USA Bible, Graham said, “no.”

“There was no contribution form, there was no fundraising with it.”

Although he doesn’t completely align with Trump on some moral issues, he said, at least the former president doesn’t hide his flaws.

Salama asked if Joe Biden’s moral beliefs were closer, Graham quipped,

“I would have to do a lot of study on that.

“Political winds have turned against us,” he added.

 “Politicians have taken on moral issues, and they’re saying these are now political issues and not moral issues—and I say ‘Wrong! This is our territory.’”

Graham told Salama,

“it is incumbent upon Christian leaders to defend against what they see as politics commandeering the domain of religion.”

The moral issues Graham listed weren’t definitive.

They included abortion, same-sex marriage, mass immigration, and energy ideology.

Ultimately, it’s the concept of Christus Rex, that Salama seems to struggle to understand.

Graham is simply asserting God over government.

A concept that is anathema to governments who’ve made themselves god.

On April 20, Graham wrote on X, “I’m not telling you to vote for him—I’m asking you to pray for him.”

In March 2023, Graham asked for the same thing.

“We need to pray for our country and where it is headed.”

Likewise, in 2021 he wrote, “Pray for President Biden and those who are advising him to have wisdom.”

Do a search, and you’ll see this call to prayer repeated, time and time again.

There’s a big prepositional difference between praying for and praying to.

Like Trump, the son of Billy Graham has faced his share of deranged leftwing hatred.

Woke “Christians” attempted to have Samaritan’s Purse fire Graham in 2020.

Then, in 2022, LGBTQ+ identifying, Marxian-Woke activists forced the UK to cancel venues claiming the biblical mandate on marriage was “hate speech.”

These two primary instances, don’t take into account the many “love is love” users trolling his social media accounts to spit vitriol, defamation, and ill-will.

It’s this deranged leftwing hatred, that best explains the cautious relationship Graham has with the former President.

Equally hated, and elevated here, is the Biblical assertion that Christian protest always begins with prayer.

To borrow from Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Kuyper, and Barth, prayer is a revolt against the disorder of the world.

Graham, as usual, is setting the standard by putting prayer before politics, not playing politics with prayer.

Despite insinuations echoing the DC swamp, Graham’s soul doesn’t belong to Donald Trump or the Marxist cancellation cult!

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