PETA Says Calling Someone An Animal is Speciesism and Human Supremacy, Says Use “Jerk,” “Coward,” “Repulsive” Instead

Of course, the only sensible response is to call them a flock of turkeys and move on.

Calling someone an animal, such as a “chicken” or a “sloth,” is human supremacy and is not inclusive language, according to animal rights group PETA, who are clearly running low on oppression points.

The organization tweeted to their 1 million followers on Wednesday, urging them to avoid words that perpetuate oppression through “speciesism.”

“Words can create a more inclusive world, or perpetuate oppression,” a tweet from PETA’s official account stated.

“Calling someone an animal as an insult reinforces the myth that humans are superior to other animals & justified in violating them. Stand up for justice by rejecting supremacist language,” the tweet went on to say.

An image was attached to the post offering a list of alternative terms to animal-based insults.

“Using animals as insults perpetuates speciesism,” the graphic states.

Instead of “chicken” say “coward.”
Instead of “rat” say “snitch.”
Instead of “snake” say “jerk.”
Instead of “pig” say “repulsive.”
Instead of “sloth” say “lazy.”

In a series of follow-up posts, the organization said: “Anti-animal slurs degrade animals by applying negative human traits to certain species.

“Perpetuating the idea that animals are sly, dirty, or heartless desensitizes the public and normalizes violence against other animals.

The group went on to say: “Speciesist language isn’t just harmful, but it is also inaccurate. Pigs, for instance, are intelligent, lead complex social lives, and show empathy for other pigs in distress. Snakes are clever, have family relationships, and prefer to associate with their relatives.

“PETA urges everyone who believes in equality and justice to take a look at their personal beliefs and the language they use, and break free of this outdated mindset that denigrates other animals.

“Always be kind and consider not using insults at all,” PETA added.

But of course, the only sensible response is to call them a flock of turkeys and move on. Perhaps they can change their motto to, “PETA: making vegans look as mad as a march hare since 1980.”

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