Craig Kelly Introduces Bill to Ban Vaccine Passports: “We Fought Against This Kind of Thing”

Any policy or program that says “the vaccine isn’t mandatory, but it is”; “Get the COVID-19 vaccine or get in the dole cue” is totalitarianism. It’s not the messiah, it’s a great Australian nightmare.

Australian Independent member for Hughes, and outspoken COVID-19 censorship critic, Craig Kelly is moving to present a bill that will secure civil liberties by putting a ban on physical, and digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates known as Vaccine Passports.

The bill is a pre-emptive response to the media rumour mill heating up suggestions that Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (LNP), is looking into implementing a COVID vaccine passport system; speculation backed by reports that a digital certificate for smartphones is already in the works.

Kelly told Caldron Pool that he’s “not opposed to a reliable COVID vaccine, but is opposed to the idea of vaccine passports,” stating “we fought against this kind of thing;” it’s the stuff of the old Eastern European Soviet Bloc, North Korea, and China.

The idea of a COVID Vaccine Passports used to force compliance with Government mandates, he said, is “bound to stir up strong feelings among Eastern European families.”

Especially for those who’ve lived under totalitarian regimes where you had to carry internal passports (distinct from international passports), which were used by bureaucrats to police movement, social status, and activities.

Internal passports were to be presented on demand, and the consequences for failing to do so, or for not having one, were severe.

The similarities between a COVID passport system, and Soviet-style internal passports are hard to ignore.

Nine News reported that “Australians will carry ‘proof of vaccination’ certificates’ that are issued by the Government, and ‘is expected to allow Australians more freedom of movement.”

Kelly said, “we don’t do this on race. We shouldn’t be doing it on medical grounds.”

His proposed bill has two simple goals.

  1. Stopping Government departments from issuing COVID-19 Vaccination Passports.
  2. Making it illegal to require someone to show such a passport.

The bill to ban coronavirus vaccine passports is fashioned along the same lines as the bill signed into law via an executive order by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Rep.).

According to CNN the DeSantis E.O “bans the use of COVID passports, prohibits any government entity from issuing C19 vaccination passports, and blocks businesses from requiring any such documentation.”

Citing Bloomberg, The Guardian filled in the context explaining that, ‘companies around the world are working to develop such “passports”, secure records of vaccination against Covid-19 that might be used to help society and businesses return to full operation by managing entry to buildings or events.’ 

DeSantis’s ban on vaccine passports, doesn’t stop people from choosing to get the vaccine, it stops people being treated like second-class citizens because they’ve chosen not to get the vaccine

His order will keep “individual Covid-19 vaccination records private,” thus protecting a person’s health information by declaring that those “records should not be shared by a mandate.”

“It’s completely unacceptable”, DeSantis said, “for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.’

The Florida ban seeks to stop the totalitarian rollback of civil liberties under the cover of anti-COVID-19 countermeasures, because, as the executive order claims, “vaccine passports reduce individual freedom and will harm patient privacy. Requiring a COVID-19 passport for taking part in everyday life would create two classes of citizens based on a vaccination.”

Securing civil liberties with a ban on Covid Passports in Australia will come down to who among Kelly’s colleagues has the same desire to reassure Australians that beating COVID-19 is genuinely about defeating the virus, not using the virus to beat a love of liberty out of the people.

George Christensen (LNP) has voiced support for a petition opposing vaccine passports, and mandatory vaccinations, but it’s unclear whether he’d second Craig Kelly’s DeSantis-inspired bill.

Despite being banned, blocked, booted, and blacklisted on social media for advocating alternatives to rushed vaccines, the member for Hughes is adamant that proven, and increasingly successful treatments for COVID-19 like the use of Ivermectin, which is being adopted by some countries, working hand-in-hand with reliable vaccines is the best foot forward.

He told Sky News’ Alan Jones, that his bill “to ban vaccine passports in Australia, will be presented as soon as parliament recommences.”

COVID-19 Vaccine Passports are on the same unnecessary accessory level as electric cars. They’re an expensive piece of cancel culture fashion that hands virtue signalling bragging rights to the self-righteous.

Any policy or program that says “the vaccine isn’t mandatory, but it is”; “Get the COVID-19 vaccine or get in the dole cue” is totalitarianism. It’s not the messiah, it’s a great Australian nightmare.

To our elected representatives: ban totalitarian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports, support Craig Kelly’s Bill.

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