How to Be Featured in “The Australian”

How did this article pass into the mainstream media despite its heresies?

Recently this Australian read an article in The Australian about an Australian who suffered a vaccine injury. Not just any vaccine mind you, but that most holy class of “vaccine“ The Australian and the rest of the filthy rags of the fourth estate were not too long ago propagandising us to believe was “safe and effective.” This is the same “safe and effective” sequence of synthetic nucleotides hijacking your body into systemically producing industrial quantities of the very spike protein which the “experts” said was pathogenic in the virus. Just what could go wrong?

Herein I’ll attempt to explain why this article manages to pass into the mainstream media despite such heresies, and how to chat amongst the “freedom groups” of the narratives dam breaking are just a shot of hopium for the naive. To the reader keen to take scissors to The Australian (not to give it the treatment it deserves but rather to cut out and frame your own 15 columns of fame) I’ll also offer some ideas on how to get there. This piece is a companion piece to the recent parable on Kerryn Phelps. Both tie together nicely. 

The Australian article of January 20, 2023, is ironically entitled “No One Wants to Know We Exist”, ironic (and mendacious) because someone powerful wants you to know via the reach of a major national newspaper that this particular vaccine injury exists. Ironic also given that in a world of relational beings, one does not simply exist by accident but by declaring oneself to the world, hopefully in an authentic way as possible. In turn, one exists by being properly understood by others. But this self-described vaccine-injured subject was reluctant to reveal to others what she understood herself to be, and so can hardly blame others for not knowing. After being vaccine injured she had to “think long and hard” before coming out in that post-postmodern agora that is Facebook. As one who came out of the closet in April 2020 as a lockdown sceptic, I can tell you it is hard, and not without consequence when the trolls go on the march.

What really is meant by “no one” though is the mommy and daddy establishment. All those expert doctors and the regulators, all the apparatus of the nanny state who are there to save people from themselves. Proles aren’t anybody to know anything, except to add a donation here and there. 

Two disturbing statements reveal two disturbing motives behind the reluctance. These frame a large fraction of the ideological fundament behind the article. Let us deal with each in turn. 

A. “I didn’t want to be the reason someone didn’t get vaccinated.” 

The fact of the matter is that here we have described a young healthy woman, fit, athletic and reduced on the second jab to chest pain and poor exercise tolerance, now hardly able to mobilise. It’s tragic and I honestly feel compassion for her plight. And yet despite her attributing this grievous injury to the jab, she did not want to divest others of the same risk. Why might this be? 

Misery loves company to be sure. But I’ll speculate the motivation behind reluctant self-disclosure is not sadism or callousness. Indeed, I feel guilty even to raise it in the differential diagnosis even if only to reject it immediately. Credit where it’s due she did after a time come out on Facebook. No, the motivation is arguably far worse than sadism, though we cannot blame the victims entirely for drowning in the cultural ocean in which she swims. Here we pass over into quasi-religious territory of deep attachment to the covidian cult, its rituals and its rites. 

In the same manner, male youth of Vanuatu must pass through initiation rituals of primitive vine bungee jumping to become men, (despite the real risk of severe head injury), in the covid era people simply must pass through the initiation of covid vaccination. Because the culture transcends the individual body, we shan’t tear at the tissue of a new and assertive culture of “the science” and the covid vax imperative. 

In the same manner young converts to garden variety religious cults swallow sexual and other indiscretions on the part of the leader so as not to dissuade new converts, likewise, we must not lift the veil at the ugly emptiness behind the covidian cult. The cult must thrive and grow. You must be born again. Sure, the cult leader has his faults. But hell is filling up and the salvation ritual (really a physically penetrative ritual of inclusion, humiliation and self-renunciation) must be completed. You must swallow this and that and more. You dare not tell that wide-eyed young devotee who is fresh meat for the taking to protect herself and flee the cult. Everyone must be jabbed. It’s the only way….. to exist. The devotee is not quite sure what the destination is, and the ends justify the means. But they are convinced all the same of its value. Perceived (or real) injuries. Injustices to civil and political rights. Problems for sure. But you must be jabbed. And woe betide any who stand to dissuade you from it, even unintentionally. She won’t commit this sin. 

Lesson 1: Even when expressing harms, express fealty to the cult/establishment. Everyone must want to be jabbed but plead if you can for a touch of safety. 

B. “I didn’t want it to be used by the antivax movement” 

We don’t need to get bogged down in just what defines “anti-vax”. It’s the absence of a definition in the article that, via negativa, reveals all we need to know. An anti-vaxxer is of course every jab sceptic and jab self-denier of the past two years since Australia’s rollout. Actually, let’s make it three years. Given the coercion began in full knowledge it was with the jabs in mind, the rollout out began in the predevelopment phase of the product cycle way back in February 2020.

Who else is the “anti-vax movement”? Everyone who joined a “freedom rally”, everyone who voted for a micro party. Every opponent of lockdowns and mandates coercing us to the jab. Every mask sceptic who wanted a halt to the continuance of covid consciousness. It’s everyone from the spike protein-phobes who fear the jabs as biologically harmful to those who eschewed the covid jabs for reasons of moral principle and view them as injurious to civil and political liberty. The anti-vax movement is all those who opposed the establishment this past three years. What is sad here is that the “anti-vax” movement was the same folk who were most concerned with the subject’s existence. Pity.  

Lesson 2: Signal your fealty to the establishment by denouncing its opposition, even if they would have loved you. 

The article then takes a turn at stating the pandemic is over. Why? Because Chief Officer Paul Kelly says it is. This is just more fealty to the establishment. The status of physical reality is not “real” unless declared by a secular priest who can consecrate and deconsecrate time as well as space. But we haven’t fully denounced the opposition until we reach the next statement of motive and mechanism towards passing the gate into The Australian. The article continues by:

C. “…calling for a review to examine the vaccine program and response, not to undermine it or play into the hands of conspiracy theorists…”

Once again, we demonstrate a want to be deputized into guarding the gates to the establishment by denouncing all those who oppose it, especially those who have the audacity to impute any bad faith motive (conspiracy) and those who want to call an end to it. Repeat after me “the managerial elites are always looking after your best interests”. Jihadis conspire. CCP conspires. “Right-wing” groups conspire. Petty criminals, social security fraudsters and semi organised proles conspire. The mafia, biker gangs and all shades of organised crime conspire. Soviets conspired. People back then and over there conspire, often with different skin tone and different languages. But upper-class western elites, globalists in the managerial class and the puppet governments of the democratic world conspire? Never. The worst they can be is a little incompetent. 

This is reform mentality at its most insipid. We must keep the covid jab train rolling but contain the damage where it’s problematic. Why to keep the train rolling is not entertained, for such would be to open the door to conspiracy. At least the article is not self-defeating in failing to ask the question. Good faith taken as a given. 

Lesson 3: Rinse and repeat lesson 2. Mop up all opposition by including other terms of derision. Denounce them first as ad hominem A (anti-vax movement) and then complete the denunciation with ad hominem B (conspiracy theorist). For most people the greatest fear is accusation of being a “conspiracy theorist”. That is a large part of the reason we are where we are in 2023. Fear of group exclusion and moral cowardice, a want to play nice with people who would happily walk over you to have their aims achieved. 

Continuing our parsing of the article, the next section reveals the real power behind its penetrance into THE Australian. Turns out the piece is a promotion of former AMA president and former MP Kerryn Phelps, herself vaccine injured, as was/is Phelps’s same-sex partner. And here’s the kicker. Phelps’s partner co-founded the vaccine injury organisation Coverse co-run by none other than the subject of the article (though one has to go to Twitter to see the Phelps connection, the article curiously omits this link). Oh what a tangled web they weave…

Lesson 4: The jokes on you. To get into the Australian, you must be connected to a real power player and their agenda. Find a way to be a prop to their advertisement, otherwise, you don’t get into the paper. This is the Australian don’t you know? It was never about you. It was always for establishment players and power brokers. 

“Listen to the science” is the next subtitle. This is to say, (and it does say), that we need the establishment experts to take the reins of examining these (alleged) vaccine adverse effects and develop the protocols for treating them. It makes little difference that taking the reins of this science also necessarily entails taking the reins of narrative management, narrative management being the real purpose of the exercise as they “flatten the curve” of anger and angst. Whatever side effects you think you have experienced, only an expert can tell you it is or is not so. And don’t forget, no matter how frequent or how severe the adverse effect, repeat the dogma that the virus would have been worse, and the vaccine saved the masses. So you took one for the team after all. Utilitarianism meets that religious-like moment once again. As token expert Julie Leask says “please listen to the science”. The word expert is uttered thrice in this section alone, setting an anchor for the section to follow. 

Lesson 5: Tag team with the “experts”. You want to be on stage in the Australian. It’ll be doing a duet at the least. Remember only they can declare when a pandemic begins and ends. Only they can diagnose you. Only they can tell you what to think. You can’t change your parental objects.

Lesson 6: No matter how much the establishment ruins the people, ensure you declare that only the establishment has the authority to save the people. Ensure you declare that however dismal the universe they create, it is the best of all possible universes. 

“More Research Needed” subtitles the penultimate section of the article. 

And who has power over this knowledge creation? Think of all the delicious funding, the conferences, the diktats masquerading as guidelines, the think tanks and all the profits that can be gained from back-room product and tech developed by the “experts” and their friends in public-private partnerships. 

The moment is ripe to tie the interests of Phelps’s partner’s organisation Coverse to that of Phelps’s own Ozsage (where public record has it that Phelps is a major contributor). Just as Phelps and her partner are themselves married, so completes the informal marriage of organisations. Energy and power flow from the allegedly vaccine injured to Coverse to Phelps and through Phelps to Ozsage and its rabid managerialist plan for building us a less spiky cage for a population who has long abandoned liberty for safety. And from Ozsage we can speculate on the conduit to the Australian CDC (currently in statu nascendi) and the dissolution of Australian sovereignty into the WHO and its totalitarian pandemic treaty.

While everyone is obsessed with vaccine adverse effects, darker spectres lay undiscussed as they lay in wait. Vaccine passports, vaccine based segregation, QR code madness. Its all there waiting to return. Any organisation that has not a track record of formally opposing the totalitarian future are those willing (or eager even) to make it happen.

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