Over 2,000 Australian Church Leaders Sign ‘The Ezekiel Declaration’ Opposing Vaccination Passports

“This shows how important it is that we continue to advocate on this. Australia must avoid becoming a two-tier society,” Pastor Littlefield said.

Over 2,000 Australian church leaders have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison opposing the proposed introduction of vaccination passports.

The Ezekiel Declaration, which was launched on Thursday, has so far attracted the signatures of 2,115 pastors and leaders along with more than 15,000 church members and attendees from across Australia.

The open letter, penned by three Queensland pastors, warns a vaccine certificate system risks creating an untenable and unethical two-tiered society and places an unnecessary burden on an already burdened people.

Matthew Littlefield, a co-author to the declaration, told Caldron Pool the overwhelming support for the letter demonstrates the need to continue advocating on this matter.

“We knew this was an important issue, and we knew that many people felt unheard, but we didn’t expect the letter to get so much traction so quickly,” he said.

“This shows how important it is that we continue to advocate on this. Australia must avoid becoming a two-tier society.”

The declaration has also gained the support of political parties and public figures, with One Nation NSW pledging to support the signatories.

“You are not alone,” wrote NSW State Director, Daniel Connor. “We stand with you. And we fight alongside you.”

United Australia Party Leader, Craig Kelly, who has moved a Federal Bill to ban vaccine passports in Australia, also expressed his support for the letter, saying he stands with the signatories in their opposition to the implementation of a vaxx pass system.

Martyn Iles of the Australian Christian Lobby also backed the letter and encouraged church leaders to do the same.

The ACL has recently launched a campaign calling on state premiers to immediately restore freedoms in Australia, warning the current health measures are “wreaking destruction on lives, children, livelihoods, the economy, and future.”

The three authors of the Ezekiel Declaration expressed their gratitude to those who have already signed the letter.

“It’s important for the church to be a conscience for society in hard times,” said Pastor Littlefield.

The Ezekiel Declaration can be read and signed here.

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