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Outrageous: Teachers’ Union pushes for compulsory Islamic lessons in schools

We need to stop pretending all religions are equal. They’re not.

Here is yet another case for homeschooling in the United Kingdom. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) has demanded government action to prevent parents from withdrawing their children from Islamic studies and mosque visits.

According to Breitbart, parents are currently allowed to remove their children from some Religious Education lessons if they conflict with their personal beliefs. However, the teachers’ union has called such instances “very rare” and suggested the privilege is being abused by parents “with certain prejudices including Islamophobia…”

So often we see governments taking the role of the parent. But not just the parent of the children, they want to parent the parents too. Big government will always insist on being the ones who tell your children how to think, because they want to control how they live, and more importantly, how they vote.

Read more over at Breitbart: Teachers’ Union Demands Action on ‘Prejudiced’ Parents  Withdrawing Children from Islam Lessons

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